Trinity Carr convicted in Amy Joyner Francis case:

Last year in Wilmington, Deleware, a student, Amy Joyner Francis was beaten to death in the school bathroom by a group of her classmates.

Yesterday, a judge ruled in the trial against Amy’s classmates involved in the brutal attack. One 17 year old, Trinity Carr was convicted of criminally negligent homicide for her role in the fight, which was captured on video and went viral last year. Had she been convicted as an adult, she would have faced up to eight years in prison. Being that she was declared a delinquent, she could be subject to supervision, and possible incarceration, until age 19. The judge told her she is prohibited from possessing a deadly weapon until age 25 (good idea). Another 17 year old was charged with misdemeanor conspiracy, and a third was let off on all charges. All three, who were 16 when the fight happened, were tried as juveniles. Will they learn their lessons?

Almost a year ago, Amy was beaten to death in her highschool’s bathroom, under the noses of her peers and teachers. The fight was broadcasted online, and resulted in her untimely death. The fight, apparently began over a boy. If anti bullying campaigns, and the thought of detention, suspension, or even expolsion, won’t deter teenagers from bullying, what will? Will this verdict?

Nothing will bring Amy back, but we can all hope that this ruling will impact the way teenagers think about bullying, and the way schools deal with and prevent it.

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