KISS Salon Acrylic Press On’s!

As a coniusseour of acrylic nails, I’ve spent years throwing money away at nail salons week after week. Only to be left with ratchet broken finger nails, horrible cuticles and nail beds that are devastatingly destroyed. Upon returning to restaurant work over the summer, and after an extremely painful broken nail incident I decided it wast time to give up my talon like nails, well, at least for a little while.

One day at work I eyeballed one of the high school girls with a fresh mani. I’ve never seen a set of french tip acrylics so close to perfection! I made mental note to ask her where she’d gotten her nails. A few weeks later I saw her again, and noticed that she had a perfect set of pink and white acrylics. I was a little confused, how can this 17 year old girl afford a $50 manicure? Finally I asked, and she let me in on what has become one of my best kept secrets.

KISS Salon Acrylic press on’s are a freaking god send! They’re actually covered with acrylic, so they aren’t the normal flimsy, cheap press on’s you’d probably think of. These baby’s are the real deal. These nails are easily appliable, durable, and so cute.

The application of KISS Salon Acrylic press on’s is very simple. The package comes with nail glue, a file, and an orange wood stick. Use the orange wood stick to push your cuticles back, size your nails and pick the appropriate nail for each finger. This is not a one size fits all type of deal. Though each nail may appear to fit, you need to file the nails down to customize them to fit seamlessly. Skipping this step is a mistake that is often made, and the reason people find that their nails are lifting and popping off. You DO NOT want any part of the press on to be touching skin!!! When the nail is too big and becomes glued down to skin rather than the actual nail, they’ll last a day before they begin to lift and eventually fall off. Once your nails are filed and fitted, apply glue to your natural nail and the back of the press on, then place the nail on top of your natural nail and hold down for 20 seconds. If they are filed and fitted properly, and glued down to the nail bed correctly, press on’s will last you anywhere from a week to two weeks.

KISS Salon Acrylic nails come in different styles, lengths, and colors. They are available at Walmart, or similar stores but the selection tends to be a bit small. I prefer to order on Amazon in order to have more of a selection to choose from. My favorite set, are the pink and white French manicure set. A few bucks, has you looking like you walked out of the nail salon with a $50 manicure.

Skip the nail salon and start saving money now with KISS Salon Acrylic press on nails!

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