Can you shave your legs without water? I know I am not the only female (or male) walking around on the planet who has asked themselves this question.

So to answer your question bluntly. Yes. Yes you can shave your legs without water. However it may not turn out so well for you…

I mean, I’ve done it. I’ve been in a pinch several times where I’m just like, YOLO. Not one of those times did it turn out very well though. I was left with a stinging sensation that lasted for hours, amongst razor burn and lots of redness. My legs were hair less though… I even substituted lotion for water a few times hoping that it would have the same effect. Although it did work out better than not using anything at all it still wasn’t the greatest idea that I have ever had.

Busy Beauty recently contacted me in regards to doing a review of their latest product. Let’s just note here real quick that I was not paid to give their product a good review. Moving on, I had never heard of Busy Beauty so I was intrigued and did some digging into what they sold. It wasn’t that difficult since they only sell one product, but when I realized what said product was I was super excited. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised that someone hasn’t come up with this sooner!

Busy Beauty sells a showerless shave gel! For those of us who are constantly on the go, lazy and or if you’re just forgetful af, then you may want to invest in this unique, but definitely useful product.

How does Busy Beauty’s showerless shave gel work? It’s SO EASY! Apply the gel to the area you are about to shave, grab your razor, and do your thing! There is absolutely no need for water, not even to rinse the product off!

Not only does the showerless shave gel allow you to shave your legs without water, it also acts as a moisturizer. Once you’ve applied the gel and shaved, the remaining gel will soak into the skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturized.

Several perks come along with using this particular shave gel. Busy Beauty has created this product with our fur friends in mind! The showerless shave gel is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and alcohol free. It is also all natural, made with natural ingredients such as tea tree, eucalyptus, and ginger extracts, just to name a few.

So now that you’ve been informed, let’s get to the real tea. Is this product as amazing as it sounds???

I have now used Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel a hand ful of times, and I am totally sold. The first time I will admit I was a bit skeptical, I did have some slight irritation to my skin, but I think that was due to user error. I don’t think I used enough of the shave gel the first time, leaving my skin unsaturated and dry, thus the irritation. The second time I was much more generous with the amount of the gel that I applied, and it went much, much better. So I would make it a point to make sure you are using enough product, and that your legs are fully saturated. I would say you probably need two pumps per leg, possibly more depending on how long your legs are. You don’t need to go super overboard and have it dripping off of you, but it’s not a product to skimp on. Or else you’re def going to regret it.

On another positive note, this gel also has a great fragrance to it, and leaves your legs feeling very moisturized. Not to mention the shave was close af!

I definitely view this shave gel as a must need product as of now! Whether it be for when I’m on the go (which is always) or just for the freedom of being able to shave legs anywhere but in the shower, I need to have it. Which, by the way, does anyone else hate shaving in the shower? I don’t know about ya’ll, but no matter where I have lived I’ve never had a shower that’s bright enough to really be able to see well enough in there! I constantly find myself running around with patches of hair I can’t belive I missed all over my legs. Not to mention, I am blind as all hell without my glasses or contact lenses so when I shower in the morning not only is it dim from the lighting, I also can’t see shit! Since I received this product, I have not shaved in my shower. I’ve literally sat on my bed, on the floor in my bathroom, and even on my kitchen chair in order to shave my legs. I love the freedom this product gives you!

It’s inexpensive, it will definitely change the way you get ready, and its super convienent. Busy Beauty has changed the shaving game!

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