Brigitte Yasmin smashes racist art project at school, and blasts it all over Twitter.

Photos of the art project both intact, and then smashed to pieces on the floor have now been deleted off of Twitter by Yasmin, most likely because her school requested it, but that does not mean that Twitter is letting this one go.

Originally Yasmin tweeted the photo of a ceramic box being glazed by her classmate with the design of the confederate flag displayed across it. Next, she tweeted a photo of it smashed to pieces on the floor of the classroom and captioned it “ooopppsss”.

The incident has gone viral on Twitter, and while many are praising Brigitte for her actions, and stance against racism, others…er, not so much.

One minute she’s a hero, and the next, she’s being reported to immigration…

P.S. She was born here.

It’s not necessarily cool that Brigitte decided she was just going to smash this girls art project, nor was it cool that Brigitte didn’t tell her why she smashed her art project. But, I can’t blame the girl for being angry, and honestly at least she did SOMETHING, unlike her clearly useless teacher. I know damn well that if I was sitting in class watching someone paint a design on a project that was formerly used represent the favoring of slavery in America, and is now presently used as a symbol of racism, my blood would be boiling too… that being said I give Brigitte a round of applause!

The real question I have here is, why in the hell did the teacher allow the student to paint the confederate flag on her pottery in the first place? Did nobody think that was at all inappropriate? If someone was painting a swastika on their artwork would that be allowed? They don’t want you to freaking say the word “God” while reciting the pledge of allegiance in the public school system, but we can draw the confederate flag as much as we’d like. Girls can’t wear shorts that aren’t as long as their fingertips, or tank tops with thin straps, but please feel free to decorate your school project with an extremely controversial flag design. God forbid someone wear an article of clothing with a pot leaf design, or half naked chick on it, you’ll be suspended for that, but go ahead and spread racism with your artwork. We’re fighting for gender equality in schools, but we’re promoting racism in them. This shit makes so much sense right???

For the people who are going to say, oh this is one school and an isolated incident, let me enlighten you. I attended a high school where a student drove around a camouflage truck for years, that sported a huge freaking confederate flag hanging out of the truck bed. When I say huge, I mean HUGE. Another kid that attended my high school wore the same jacket pretty much every day that had confederate flag patches going up and down the arms of it. Sometimes he coupled the jacket with a matching t-shirt. Do you think anyone did anything about it? Do you think anyone even batted an eye lash? Nope. But, I, along with every other female who was enrolled there were constantly being asked to change during the summer months for wearing shorts that weren’t made for nuns, or strap less tops. My god given flesh is too much of a distraction in the learning environment, but an offensive and troubling symbol plastered all over people’s clothing and in our school parking lot wasn’t. Can we take a moment to revel in how ass backwards that is?





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