instagram-logoThe answer to the question you’re all asking: HOW DO YOU TURN OFF THESE FREAKING INSTAGRAM LIVE NOTIFICATIONS?!

Instagram is definitely cancelled. The new update has brought us the second most annoying upgrade to Instagram ever: Instagram Live. Instagram Live, is literally Facebook Live except, obviously it’s on Instagram.

Although it’s a bit redundant, it’s not so much the existence of Instagram Live that’s annoying, it’s the notifications. If you have updated the app on your phone to get the live update then you have noticed that along with the update comes those constant live notifications popping up at the top of the screen when the app is open, and a constant list of notifications even when it’s not. I literally think I have opened Instagram all of 3 times since I updated because the live notifications are SO ANNOYING. You can’t turn the notifications off in the app but at the very least you can turn the push notifications off.

Lucky for us you can turn the Instagram Live notifications off in a few simple clicks:

  • Open the app and go to your profile page
  • Go to settings
  • Go to push notification settings
  • Find Live and choose off

Let’s pray the next update Instagram comes out with will allow us to turn off the Instagram Live notifications all together! I literally refuse to use Instagram until they do. Don’t fix something unless it’s broken is a wonderful cliche to explain how I feel about Instagram circa 2016. Instagram isn’t Snap Chat, therefore we do not need stories. Instagram isn’t Facebook, therefore we do not need live streaming, or a like button for comments, and we DEFINITELY do not need our time lines out of consecutive order. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH PHOTOS SHOWING UP IN ORDER?!?!?!? And while i’m at it, why did they have to change the logo? CHANGE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

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