img_0626Did you guys know girls have mustaches too?

I got the idea to shave my faces years ago! Not for the reasons you would probably imagine though. As much as I hate to admit this, I shouldn’t be embarrassed because most girls have one as well. I have a mustache! I wouldn’t consider myself extremely hair, I mean I’ve seen some girls that are sooooo hairy you can’t help but do a double take even though you know you’re being rude as hell, but I have some hair on me. My arms are fairly hairy, the back of my neck is pretty hairy, oh and my big toes, oddly enough. Not to mention… my mustache!

Ok guys, seriously, I don’t have a full on mustache, but I do have hair that grows above my lip, as do most women! I feel like a lot of men don’t notice, either because many fair haired women grow light body hair that generally goes undetected, most women take care of their mustaches in one way or another, or well, they’re just too busy paying attention to several things several inches lower if you know what I mean. I’ve never had anyone point out my mustache to me, other than my extremely critcal mother, and my current boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 years, and we live together so he has definitely spent enough time with me to know basically everything. If anyone else ever pointed out my mustache I think I would shrivel up and die right there, haha. Therefore, I am extremely religious about my face shaving regimen.

Why do I and many other girls choose to shave their mustaches?

girls-remove-mustacheI used to bleach! My mom always bleached her mustache instead of completely removing it, so naturally she taught me to as well. I started bleaching my mustache in middle school with Sally Hansen facial bleach. I always found it time consuming and tedious, not to mention a bit painful. That burning sensation is not pleasant. So when I got older I decided I was going to jump off the bleaching band wagon. At the time, I thought the only other alternative to bleaching would be to remove your mustache by waxing. Now before I go any further, if you have zero interest in shaving your face because you think it’s weird or for whatever other reason, and you don’t have the money to wax, or don’t want to endure the pain of waxing Sally Hansen bleach is a good way to go. Yeah, the bleach is a little uncomfortable, and there is a burning sensation, but it’s definitely way less painful than waxing. It’s also fairly in expensive and you can get a lot of uses out of one box before you will have to buy another one. The Sally Hansen facial bleach is also good if you have sideburns or any other hair around the facial are you wish to lighten. It’s really all about what works best for you, and suits your preferences and lifestyle. I will also note real quick that, I have heard from some women who have super dark, black body hair, that the Sally Hansen bleach is sometimes not enough to lighten their hair. This isn’t very common from what I have seen, but it is something that has been brought to my attention on more than one occassion. I did notice a pattern, and that is that this issue occurs amongst older women, so I wonder if it has something to do with hormonal changes that occur at a certain point in a woman’s life.

wax-girls-mustacheOk, so back to waxing. I skipped the bleach, and went to the salon for a wax, and oh boy… NEVER AGAIN. That shit hurt! Like, it, really, really, REALLY hurt. I really can not even begin to comprehend how women get their brazilian’s waxed!!! Having someone wax my mustache brought literal tears to my eyes, I do not know how ya’ll can have someone tugging that shit off your hooha. I will say that if you can manage to with stand the pain, the end result is fabulous. My upper lip was fuzz free, and super smooth! It took awhile for the hair to begin growing back, I suppose this probably just depends on each woman and their body, but mine didn’t begin growing back too quickly which was a plus. The unfortunate part of waxing is that just like any other part of your body you need to allow time for the hair to grow back significantly before you can wax it again. Which means you will most likely have to suffer through several days or possibly more, of a dark fuzz-stache. If you can’t bear this, I would suggest whipping out that Sally Hansen bleach for a little touching up between wax appointments. Though that is a bit more work than I would personally prefer when it comes to my mustache.

Shaving your mustache/face!

Men do it, so why can’t we? It didn’t occur to me for several years to shave my mustache in order to remove the hair. When it did finally occur to me and I mentioned it to my mother she looked at my like I had just said I was going to shave my head and join a cult. She was horrified at the thought of shaving her face and I really couldn’t understand why. Actually, the fact that it horrified her made me want to do it even more! So I did, and I never looked back. I think most women are terrified to shave their face because they think they are going to get stubbly, prickly hair when it grows back. Again, this may depend on each individual woman, but my mustache grew back completely normal. The benefit of shaving is that as soon as it huda-kattan-shaves-facestarts to grow back you can just shave it again! It’s not painful, and it literally costs you nothing more than a few dollars for a pack of 100 disposable razors that’ll last you years. No appointments needed, no re-growth fuzz-stache period. Not to mention it’s actually really good for your skin. I graduated from just shaving the upper lip area to my entire face after I read an article somewhere about Marilyn Monroe incorporating shaving into her facial regimen. Talk about one of the best things I ever did! Even Huda Beauty does it guys! So you know it’s a must do.

Shaving your entire face is a life changing experience for a woman. I can’t even believe that I’m saying this, but I promise you it is. Shaving your face is a great way to exfoliate, and will leave your face smoother than a babies bottom. Makeup application is absolutely flawless after wards too!

A few tips from me to you:

-Do not shave your face every day, that is over kill! I generally shave mine once a week.

-You do not need to lather up with your man’s shaving cream! Just some water will do the trick.

-We all have mini, almost invisible hairs on our faces, at least I think we all do. Make sure you shave in the direction of the hair, not against it!!! Shaving against the hair will run the risk of in grown hairs, and skin irritation.

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