Kenneka Jenkins’ body was found dead yesterday inside of a food service freezer located in a Chicago hotel.

According to Kenneka’s mother Tereasa Martin, and the Rosemont police force Kenneka went out Friday night with her friends, and then later on disappeared in the wee hours of the morning, leaving her friends confused and concerned. Her friends made a phone to call to Martin to let her know that her daughter Kenneka was no where to be found. Martin then rushed to the hotel that the girls had explained they had been partying at, and began the search for her missing child.

Upon her arrival at the hotel and her pleas to help find her daughter the hotel staff would not cooperate and would not review video footage from their security cameras upon Martin’s request. They told her a missing child’s report needed to be filed through the police department before they could do anything. The police were immediately contacted and the search for Martin began several hours later.

Upon the original viewing of the hotel footage Kenneka was not seen on video through out the hotel. Martin began knocking on doors asking if any hotel guests had seen her daughter. As hours went by and her daughter still had not turned up, Martin begged the police to review the tapes again. This time, they caught Kenneka on video “staggering drunk near the front desk”. After confirming that Kenneka was in fact last seen at the hotel, police began searching and ended up finding her body inside of a food service freezer that was turned on and cold, but not in use due to the hotels construction of a new restaurant. Police say Kenneka drunkenly let herself into the freezer, where she collapsed, and later died. However, as an autopsy is being conducted, social media has pretty much confirmed themselves that foul play has definitely occurred.

Kenneka’s name is trending all over Twitter as social media users express their condolences to her family, and their anger to those who contributed to her untimely death. A FaceBook Live video shows Kenneka’s “friends” partying in a hotel room, while Kenneka calls for help, and an unidentified man says “let’s rape her” while the music coincidentally gets louder…

FaceBook users put themselves to good use and have apparently identified the girl in the video as Kenneka’s best friend Monifah Shelton. As people are connecting the dots, rumor is that Kenneka’s so called friends used her to pay off a $200 debt. It appears that Monifah and several other “friends” of Jenkins were present while she was raped, then choked, and her body disposed of.

Montifah Shelton is now suffering from major lash back on social media after she posted these photos of her and Jenkins together, proclaiming her supposed love for her best friend:

Facebook users by the thousands have condemned Monifah and her friends to the fires of hell for what they have done to Kenneka. Monifah is still telling her side of the story, and has not admitted to any foul play.

If anyone has any more information about the death of Kenneka Jenkins please contact Rosemont police.


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