img_3518Are you in high school but have a want or a need to make some extra cash on the side? Maybe you don’t have a car, or you already have a job but it’s not enough. Or maybe you just need some fast cash! Here are several ways any of you girls in high school can earn an extra income!

Babysit! Babysitting may seem pretty obvious right? And you may be thinking, well I don’t know anyone who has kids that neede a baby sitter. Well times have changed drastically since I was in high school, and that was only 4 years ago! The internet is your number one resource! Post ads on your local Craigslist (I’m not your mom so I am not about to preach, but I think it is common sense to be very safety concious when using social sites such as Craigslist!), search for babysitter inquiries on Craigslist or Facebook for your area, even if they are old, contact the people anyway and give them your name and contact information for future use! Register on websites like, join Facebook groups for your local area, check ads posted on your local news paper’s website, etc. These are all great ways to get your name out there, and build up a large clientele! The internet is a great tool to connect you with hundreds, even thousands of people you can turn into prospective clients. As a high school student, even connecting with just 4-5 families given their needs could provide you with a decent stream of extra income on a monthly basis. Here are several tips from me to you to attract serious, and trustworthy clients:

-In all of your postings do not just say “Does anyone need a babysitter?” that is not how you are going to attract high quality, and on going work! Instead you need to create a professional email address to provide, EX: If your name is Alyssa Smith, your email should be something along the lines of,,,, it should NOT be, You also need to provide a legitimate and working phone number, as well as your name age, and any relevant experience, and any references you may have. Then you should add your hours of availability, and your hourly rate! I would also recommend adding a nice picture of yourself to the post! People naturally respond better when they can see what you look like. Again, be professional. A picture of you and your friend at a pep rally is not going to work. It can even be a selfie, just make sure you are dressed appropriately, smiling, hair and makeup (if you wear it) done appropriately, and in front  of a neutral back drop.

-Do not let your customer choose how much they pay you! Often times asking people for money is uncomfortable, especially as a young girl! I’ve been there!!! In time you will realize that you are providing a service and just like anyone else, boy or girl, young or old you deserve to be compensated! Have your prices set, and do not be afraid to tell someone. Now, don’t be stingy. A babysiting job is not going to get you $20.00 an hour, let’s be realistic, but while I say do not be stingy, also keep in mind that you do not want to under sell yourself either! Pick a reasonable rate, keeping in mind your previous experience, or any qualifications you may have such as CPR training, or formal child care training, etc.

-Have that entrepreneurial urge? Maybe you already have a large babysitting clientele. Turn it into a full blown business! Use your popular reputation as a babysitter to pass off your clientele, existing and new onto your own employees! Hire a few of your friends or classmates (make sure they match your business oriented mind, your work ethic, and are as trustworthy as yourself!!! Do not choose friends who are un trust worthy or un reliable! You do not want anyone tarnishing your reputation and ruining your business!) and take a set percentage of their earnings for yourself. You are basically just the middle man!

Sell your clothing! Most of us have a ton of stuff in our closets just sitting and wasting space. Turn your clutter into cash! I would have looooved to have the apps and programs that are available today back in my high school days to sell old clothes. For this you will need to either be able to drive, or at least have a ride, or be able to walk to your local post office. You can straight up post photos of your clothing on local Facebook garage sale groups, Craigslist, Ebay, etc. You can also use apps like DePop or PoshMarck to create an entire online “closet” that users can see and purchase your clothing from. All you have to do is upload a photo, set a price, and wait. Once items are purchased all that is required of you is shipping! Tips:

-Take quality photo’s of your clothing! Optimally it would be best if you could have someone take photos of you behind a neutral back drop wearing the clothing so people can see what it looks like on, but if you’re not into that at the very least take photos of the clothing laid out nicely or on a hanger up against a wall. Make sure the photos look nice, and are clutter free! They will sell better than photos that are low quality, or have a bunch of crap chillen in the background.

-Don’t over price! Unless it is a huge designer item you most likely aren’t going to get more than $2.00-$15.00 on gently used clothing. That’s okay though! Take what you can get, don’t under price, but do not over price or else you will never sell anything! Search around for similar items from similar brands to see what other people are charging and price accordingly!

-Again if you have the urge to become an entrepreneur you can go beyond selling your own clothes. Ask your friends and family if they have any old clothing they would like to sell! Tell them you will collect their clothing, list it, sell it, and ship it, for a percentage of what they earn off of each sale! This is how Kim Kardashian got started as a celebrity stylist! She purged celebs closets, did all the leg work and earned a commission from selling their items!

Do you have a talent? Maybe you do really good hair or makeup! You don’t have to be a legitimate professional to make money from your work! You may not make what a professional does, but you can certainly make something for your work. Prom season, homecoming season, senior ball, the list goes on and on, are great times to sell your services to girls at your school! Practice, practice, practice until you are good enough to work on a client. Show your friends photos of your work, make a separate Facebook page, or Instagram page for friends, family, and strangers to see, like and share your work! Book appointments for your friends to get their hair and makeup done before a school dance or a special event. Tips:

-Don’t work for free! Friends always want a hand out, and sometimes it is okay, but you deserve to be paid for your work! If a friend books you to do their makeup make it clear they need to pay for your service. As a beginner in the hair and makeup world, I would charge $15.00 for your time if you are using their products. $20.00, if you are using yours! This is a HUGE discount compared to professionals who charge $40.00- upwards of $60.00 depending.

-Show case your work in a quality, professional, and classy manner! Again take quality photos, if you don’t have a good camera or lighting equipment that is okay you can still take great pictures with your phone and natural lighting. I also highly suggest watermarking your pictures in order to ensure that no one stealsl your work and passes it off as their own, you can download an app to add a watermark to your photos easily.

-You can sell any talent! I am familiar with the world of hair and makeup but do not be afraid to sell another talent you may have. Maybe you are an artist, you can sell portraits, paintings, images, sculptures, or whatever it is that you do over the internet using the same techniques on social media. Maybe you can sew! Offer custom made designs to your friends with their unique measurements. If your crafty, start selling your crafts on a site like Etsy! The possibilites are endless! Maybe if you do not have a product or service to sell you are highly educated about something, you could create a class to sell tickets to!

Clean! I know this sounds kind of gross, but it is a money maker! If you have a method of transporation this is a great way to make some quick cash. Professional cleaning companies charge differently, some charge per hour, and some an overall rate based on the size of the house. More people than you may realize hire people to clean their homes for them. As a young person this is a great niche to jump into. You being young and inexperienced, should charge a lesser rate than a professional company, this will draw clients in. If they give you a shot make sure you do a PHENOMINAL job, and they will continue to re hire you. Food for thought:

-Decide whether or not you are going to use their cleaning products or your own. Using your own means you could charge more, but then adds the hassle of buying the product and transporting it all around. If you use their products, you charge less but all you’ll simply need on your end to get the job done is yourself!

-Again use sites like Facebook and Craigslist to your advantage and post PROFESSIONALLY! You want to gain people’s trust in order to turn them into clientele. When it comes to cleaning a house especially, people are looking for extremely trust worthy people, as the homeowner may not always be present while you are there. As with babysitting I recommend adding a photo of yourself, and providing essential info such as a professional email, phone number, experience, and any references you may have.

-If you are able to build up a large enough clientle you could begin to outsource your work to employee’s for a cut of the profits as I suggested previously with babysitting! Again be sure to hire like minded employees who are extremely trust worthy. Your reputation is riding on them!

YouTube! Now this will not be an instant money maker, don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning. However starting a YouTube channel is a fun and unique way to earn money over time. When you start a YouTube channel, YouTube will give you the option of monetizing your videos with a program called Google Adsense. The more views you get the more money you will make. Now, I want to be very clear, the money you will make from Google Adsense ad clicks is literally pennies. So you are not going to see a high return unless you are getting a large amount of views. I don’t say this to discourage you, I simply don’t want to get you too hype. Some YouTuber’s are making $3.00 a month from Google Ads, and other’s are making thousands. Tips:

-Make interesting, and unique YouTube videos! Make them long, but not too long. Make good looking thumb nails to catch the eyes of viewers, and respond to any comments you get! Be choosey about your title, and tags. Search articles on YouTube SEO to learn more about this.

Whatever it is that you choose to do or find to do the internet is a great resource! Whether it be to advertise yourself, sell your items, or search for ideas it is your best bet, and the most cost effective. Even if you do not necessarily need the money working through out high school, or doing jobs on the side, is something I HIGHLY recommend. I worked hard through out high school, but I could have worked harder, and I know it sounds super cliche, but looking back I wish I had done more. If I had done more with the time that I had living without stress, bills, and all the other crap that comes along with adulting, the less I would have to do now. It truly is worth it in the end. I remember the hours I spent plopped on the couch in front of the TV watching nonsense, all the time I wasted sending pointless text messages back and forth with my friends, the minutes I wasted trolling the interent looking for the perfect MySpace code, and so on, and so on. You feel me? Take it from me girls, someone who isn’t your parent, who isn’t a parent at all, someone who is only probably no more than 5 years older than you are, do what you an while you don’t have rent to pay, food to buy, or children to take care of make extra money and save it now!

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