img_3643Press on nails are cheaper, easier, and faster than hitting the nail salon! Learn how to apply and make your press on nails last for a long time!

I haven’t even thought about press on nails since my middle school days. Back in the day I longed for beautiful, professionally polished nails, but my mom refused to let me go to the nail salon for a multitude of reasons. Fake nails are damaging, expensive, time consuming, oh yeah and I was only like 12. So although I missed the era of Lee’s press on nails, I lived through the debacle of KISS press on nails.

You can still buy KISS press on nails at stores like Target or Walmart, and these days they come in fun colors and designs, as well as the classic french manicure sets. When I went through my press on nail phase it was a complete disaster! They constantly popped off, they didn’t fit (I had unusually small nails) and they were so unnatural looking and basically were just ratchet as hell.

When I got older I became an acrylic nail junky. I LOVED me a fresh set of nails. I have worn acrylic nails 24/7 since probably my junior year of high school, and I am now 4 years post high school. Needless to say, my nails are shot af. Not only are they shot, the price of acrylics has slowly but surely creepd up over the years. A fill used to be $15.00 always, a full set $25.00 and a full french set $30.00. Now, every nail salon in my area has raise their fill prices to $17.00, and I now the price of a full set has gone up for me because I wear long nails! The first time I walked into a nail salon and was charged an extra $3.00 because I like my nails long, I had never felt so ripped off in my entire life, and now more and more salons are doing it. Towards the end of the summer, I finally decided no more. Between summer time bi-weekly pedicures, and my bi-weekly fills, and my over tipping complex, I was spending almost $200.00 a month at the freaking nail salon! It pain’s me to even think about the money I have completely blown. So after going au natural for the past few months, I’ve been itching to glam up my nails again. I’ve heard a few beauty guru’s comment on the fact that they’re wearing press on nails which has prompted me to do take several double takes, because if they had not said it I would never, ever, ever, in a million years believe they were wearing press on’s! After some quick googling it turns out press on nails have come a long way since my middle school days. Brands like NailHur, or Static have changed the game. Different shapes, including the popular coffin or stiletto shape, lengths, colors, designs, even bedazzled nails are available depending on what brand your purchasing from.

img_3642I don’t have any patience so I didn’t order from anywhere online, though I would recommend NailHur, they have some bomb designs, and have earned great reviews. I bought a pair of press on’s at Walmart, they were only like $6.00 and I love them! I’ve had them on for over 2 weeks without issue.

How I Apply and Make My Press On’s Last For a Long Time:

Prep! Begin by washing your hands in hot water (to soften the cuticle), dry your hands and apply cuticle lotion (if you don’t have any, you could subsitute an oil, or body lotion for all intensive purposes), and push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher or a nail file. Then trim, and file your nails if need be. Most importantly, file your nail beds to make them rough!!! The rough texture allows for the glue to have a better hold on your nail, making them last a lot longer. Wash your hands, and swipe your nails with acetone or nail polish remover to make sure all traces of any oils are removed. Any oils on your nails will work against the glue.

Sizing! Size your nails appropriately. Each pack of press on’s will come with multiple sizes for each finger, make sure you choose the best fit one. Put it this way, if the sides of the nail can’t lay down flat it’s too big. Don’t be afraid to file! Just like real nails you can file these ones to fit perfectly, the better they fit the longer they will last you.

img_3641Attaching! There are several methods you can use to attach press on’s. The first, are the sticky tabs you apply to the nail and then just press onto your nail like a sticker, and bam your done. Easy right? Too easy. This method SUCKS! Don’t even think about trying it. The second, is nail glue. This is the most common method, and the method I used. Apply the glue completely over your entire nail, and also to the press on. Position the nail properly, and hold the nail down for one minute. Most people hold it down for like 30 seconds but I’m extra and I want to make sure those bad boys are secure af. The third way, would be the most secure, but more time consuming and damaging to your natural nails. For this method you will need an acrylic kit. Instead of applying glue to your nail you will apply a layer of acrylic to your natural nail and then attach the press on and let dry. Make sure you apply a very, very THIN layer! This method should keep your nails on for at the very least two weeks, if not a month.

Details! Once you’ve applied all of your nails I suggest going back through and filing them to make sure they look as natural as possible. I also like to file down where the fake nail meets your cuticle, to give the illusion that it is growing straight out of your finger, just be careful not to damage your cuticle in the process.

Tips! Do not wash your hands or allow your hands to get wet for at least an hour! I like to try and do my nails before I go to bed, so that once I’m done I go right to sleep and don’t need to wash my hands until I get up in the morning.

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