Snowy Owl Cove is a small, but rising skin care company. Snowy Owl Cove skin care strives to provide the best skin care possible, using mixtures of all natural ingredients and essential oils. Years of hard work and research of indigenous cultures have gone into creating this amazing line.

Head over to the Snowy Owl Cove site and take the skin care type test!!! Right on their site you can answer a myriad of questions in regards to your skin care routine, your daily life, and your symptoms. Once you’ve answered all of the questions to the best of your knowledge, the assessment will let you know what skin type you appear to be, and recommend which group of products from the company will be best for you and your skin.

I took the test, and just as I had already suspected, it was determined that I have an oily skin type. This certainly wasn’t any news to me! It then recommended that I check out their “Indian Summer” product pack.

The “Indian Summer” Oily Skin Fabulous Four, is a package of several different products from the oily collection. I received the Indian Summer body lotion formulated for oily skin (6oz.), the Downstream facial toner (4.5oz.), Indian Summer skin cream (1.5oz.), and a bar of Indian Summer body soap for oily skin, as well as a bar of Indian Summer face soap.

When my package arrived the first thing that turned me on to these particular products were their scents. As I cut open the box and began opening up the packaging I was instantly hit with a mixture of amazing aromas! Though the scent of each product is super powerful, they’re not overwhelming as some products can be. Opening the package I was instantly transported to the massage room at my favorite spa. The scent of these products can only be described as earthy, organic, serene and soothing. These lotions and soaps smell just like high-end products you would find at a spa.

First impressions are always key, and Snowy Owl Cove certainly has the scent part of the five senses on point. Packaging certainly isn’t the most important thing when evaluating a product, but its definitely a factor to consider. Given that their wonderful, high-end scents hit me like a ton of bricks before I had even lifted the bottles out of the box, I think that I had set the bar a little high when it came to the aesthetic of the products. Though the packaging (as far as the bottles are concerned) is rather sleek, you can also pick up on the fact that it has a bit of that cheap feeling to it. For a product that has a pretty price tag (though rightfully so) I expect mid to high-end packaging. We were always taught “Don’t judge a book by its cover” yet, that is exactly what we do, and because of this packaging is definitely a powerful element.

Now let’s move on to the good stuff! How do these products work??? Well, let me tell you it was a struggle to find out how well the body lotion performed. The lotion comes in a bottle with a pump. I pumped, and pumped, and pumped, and then I pumped some more and yet nothing came out! Upon opening the bottle I discover that the tube that connects to the pump is nowhere to be found… not only that but, the bottle wasn’t filled all of the way! The leucite plastic container gave away the lack of the pink product. After fumbling around for a few minutes I was able to get enough lotion out of the tube in order to test it out. Once again, the scent was it’s saving grace. If you can manage to get the product out of the tube I definitely think those of you with oily skin will be pleasantly surprised. I rubbed the lotion into my arms, and it immediately sunk in, leaving me feeling moisturized, without that greasy oily feeling that a lot of lotions leave behind. That smell though… I’m obsessed.

The toner may have been my favorite product out of the entire pack. I thought the lotion smelled good, and then I opened up the toner and my mind was blown. I can’t even begin to describe how nice the scent is. I usually am not one to use a toner even though I know that I should, but I definitely enjoyed this one more than others that I have sampled in the past. In the past I always felt like the toner dried my skin out too much, and even adding moisturizer after using a toner I just felt like it wasn’t enough. This toner simply left my skin feeling very rejuvenated, and hydrated. I didn’t feel dried out, nor did I feel like a grease ball. Not to mention after a few days of use, I felt like the toner was helping me with my rosacea. Now could this have been a fluke thing? I don’t know, but all I know is I certainly witnessed a positive impact.

Once again, the scent of the face cream was overwhelmingly awesome! This cream is super lightweight, and almost fluid feeling. I loved that about it! As far as I am concerned anyone with oily skin thinks moisturizer are the freaking devil. For years I refused to use a facial moisturizer because I insisted that it made my face even more oily. Once I smartened up and figured out that wasn’t the case, I began searching for the perfect moisturizer for my skin type. The lighter the better! Nothing is worse than a heavy, greasy feeling setting on your face throughout the day.

To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of bar soap. So first and foremost that’s a turn off for me. I’d much rather have a liquid cleanser, especially for my face. But of course, they smell good. So that’s one point in their favor. Both my face and body felt squeaky clean after using this soap. However, I didn’t notice any significant difference specifically on my body when it came to my oil production. In areas where I felt greasy by the end of the day, I still felt greasy. When it came to my face, as I said above I certainly noticed some changes. I contribute my reduction of rosacea, as well as a reduction of oiliness, and less problem spots such as congested black heads and breakouts to the use of my Snowy Owl Cove products.

Overall, I certainly think Snowy Owl Cove has a good product line. I think the ability to say that a product is all natural and made with essential oils is a gem in today’s society. More and more we see people jumping on board the all natural train, so natural products are a hot commodity. If anything Snowy Owl Cove produces good products in my opinion, but as a newer company they certainly have some things that need to be relooked at, and refined. Until those things are tweaked, I’d have to say that I think their prices are a bit steep. Though not 100% sold on their skin care, I am very interested in trying out their aroma therapy products!!! If the skin care line smells this good… I cannot even begin to imagine how amazing their aroma therapy products smell… probably like heaven if I had to guess!

*I was not compensated to review this product, this entire review is 100% my real and thoughtful opinion*


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