Amazon’s Limo Studio 700W Soft Box Light Kit Review

Lighting. It’s all about lighting. You want killer YouTube videos? Stunning Instagram photos? You NEED good lighting! So the question is, which route do you go? There’s inexpensive clamp lights, there are umbrella lights, the popular ring-light, and soft box lights. If you’re a newbie like I am, you’ll want to rip your hair out trying to figure out which lights to buy.

limo-studio-soft-box-kitI watched YouTube video after YouTube video and read review after review trying to figure out what the hell I wanted, and needed. I originally set out with the intent of ordering a ring light. I used the Neewer ring light a friend of mine purchased and I really, really like, you can read my review on that here. It is a great alternative to the original Diva ring light, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper! I felt like even with the ring light, I would need additional lighting because one of the rooms I plan on doing videos in is my bathroom at my vanity, and there are no windows in there, and the light is dim. So I weighed my options, if I get the ring light what else would I get? So then the idea of the umbrella lights came to mind. I thought, well maybe I’l get a ring light and then an additional umbrella light for that extra oomph. It occurred to me however I should probably get two umbrella lights if I was going to go that route because I would want even light on either side of my filming set up. Who knew this would be so complicated? So then I decided well a ring light and 2 umbrella lights is more than I want to spend, so maybe I’ll just get the umbrella lights. I literally had them in my cart, I was ready to check out, and you know that little bar on the bottom that says people who ordered this also ordered… well that popped up and had the soft box lights on it. I didn’t know what soft box lights were, but I had seen people using them in their filming setups, so I put the umbrella lights on hold and started googling soft box lights. After a TON of googling I decided that at this point, since I don’t really plan on doing in depth makeup tutorials, a ring light wasn’t necessarily a must need to film with, plus I hear people complaining about the devil eyes the ring light makes from the reflection. So after I weeded that out, then it was between umbrella lights, and soft box lights.

I know nothing about lighting or photography, so I had to go off of purely what other people recommended. I again jumped back on Google, read a few reviews, watched a few YouTube videos and popular vote seemed to lead towards soft box lighting. So that’s what I went with! Again I originally planned to purchase the ring light from Neewer because I was familiar with the company and I liked them, so I figured well, I’ll buy my soft box lights from them as well, but then I saw this review for a company called Limo Studio and their soft box lights were raved about, so I went with them.

What you got- I ordered the Limo Studio 700W Photography Soft Box Light Lighting Kit  from Amazon. The kit came with the two light stands, two bulbs, and two light holders with the soft box reflectors, and a carrying case, and two diffusers.

Price- It cost about $75.00, which in comparison to the ring light is much less expensive, and in comparison to similar kit of umbrella lights a little more expensive. Overall I thought it was a very reasonable price for a lighting source.

Setup- SO EASY! Trust me people, if I could do this with ease, you can do it too. The directions were super simple and to the point, but honestly if you have any common sense it’s really easy to put together. My only recommendation would be to screw the light bulbs into the light holders before you attach the light holders to the stands. Or else it’s a little difficult to screw them in which could lead to a little mishap. Trust me.

Performance- These lights are sooooo bright! Even in the dark of night, my photo’s and videos come out stunning when I use the Limo Studio soft box lights. I knew lighting made a huge difference, but lighting makes a HUGE difference. I’m still stunned at how amazing these lights are. This photo, was taken at about 10 P.M. before I filmed a video, in a dark room with just a desk lamp being the only other source of lighting.


Storage- As I said above the kit comes with a carrying case for ease of transportation. However as far as in the house, they are kind of annoying to just have standing around because they’re pretty big, but if you have a dedicated filming space you could easily just leave them up all the time. Or if you have a spare room or extra spot, you can easily leave them standing but pick them up and move them around wherever you want. I personally have dedicated a corner of my living room to filming, so if I know that we aren’t having company over or something i’ll usually just leave them up, and just push them out of the way of anything, but I do sometimes take them down, and I mean it’s annoying having to do it, but it really only takes about 3 minutes to take them a part and store them somewhere. Again, they were so simple to put together so taking them apart, isn’t a great deal.

I think these lights are amazing, especially for beginners who may be unsure of what they want or need. They are also very reasonably priced, and a good deal. They provide great all around lighting for your filming space, and I promise you will see a drastic change in the appearance of your photos and videos. I even filmed a video on my iPhone using these lights and it came out surprisingly well for being filmed on a phone, and especially on a front camera. I won’t ever stop telling you; It’s all about the lighting!!! The only cons I could point out is, this particular set of soft box lights don’t have a dimmer, so if you prefer something you can switch up the lighting on these may not bef for you, and they are slightly large so if you don’t have room they could pose an issue. I’ll leave a photo below of my filiming corner to give you an idea of their size. Again, overall I think they’re great, they were a great deal, and totally worth the money. If you are looking to get your foot in the door making videos for YouTube or your blog, or for taking photos this is a great way to go!


As you can hopefully see, both lights are set up facing the wall, with the tripod and camera in front of them. To give you some perspective on height, that tripod, which was an inexpensive one but it works well, (you can purchase here), is a little shorter than I am, it’s face level when I am standing, so it’s a few inches under 5ft tall. The lights, are slightly taller than the tripod, and they can get taller. When I’m not filming I shut the lights off and just push them both over to the wall. The camera I use is the Nikon S9900, which is relatively inexpensive and great for beginners for filming, photos, and vlogging. You can read my review here!

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