Justin Korva is a 20 year old black man living in Rockwell, Texas.

A man named Andy Mitchell just so happened to be driving past Korva the other day, as Korva was walking down the street in his work uniform. Andy felt bad for the kid and decided to pull over and offer him a ride on the extremely hot, 95 degree day. As if this wasn’t an act of kindness big enough, Andy took his kindness to a whole other level.

After getting to know Justin on their car ride, the two new friends posed for a selfie together. Later that day Andy posted the photo to his Facebook page, and shared Justin’s story. “To all the people that say they want to work but can’t find a job or don’t have a vehicle all I can say is you don’t want it bad enough” said Mitchell. The photo went viral throughout the community, and a man named Samee Dowlatshahi, the owner of Samee’s Pizza Getti Italian Bistro & Lounge in Rockwell, Texas, set up a donation station at his restaurant. According to Dowlatshahi and Mitchell, they raised over $5,000 in less than 48 hours in order to purchase Korva a vehicle. From there, Danny Rawls caught wind of Korva’s story, and he just so happened to be the plug. Rawls is a general sales manager of a Toyota dealership in Rockwell. Rawls contacted his GM and was able to reduce the price on a 2004 Camry that they had for sale on their lot. The men ended up having more than enough money to purchase Korva the car, and used what was left over to pay for his insurance in full for a year, as well as a years worth of oil changes, and hundreds of dollars in gas gift cards.

Last week the men drove the Camry to the Taco Casa in Rockwell, where Justin currently works and asked him to come outside. In the parking lot sat a white Toyota Camry, and as they filmed, Mitchell began to explain, “Justin, you can’t imagine all the people who wanted to help you. So, instead of walking to work, buddy, you’re driving this car from now on”. Korva appeared to be in total disbelief, and kept asking, “are you serious?”. His reaction was absolutely priceless! If your eyes don’t begin to water as you watch Justin hug each one of these men one by one as tears stream down his face, you have no soul.

In the midst of all of the racial chaos that has ensued in the United States and in the media of recent, it is truly touching to see such an amazing act of kindness. After all of the police shootings, reckless acts of violence, and racism, this story is a great reminder that good people do in fact still exist. You never know who, or what life has planned for you.

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