Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is One of the Best Foundations in the World

Kim Kardashian uses it, and so should you. This is the most luxurious foundation I’ve ever tried, (the most expensive too). This type of foundation is designed to even out skin tone, hide imperfections and add tons of radiance to the skin. It makes the world’s most famous stars look picture-perfect, and now it’s time for us meer peasants to get a taste of it.

If you haven’t tried out a high-end, designer foundation, I highly encourage you to test  this one out! Sometimes, the most coveted beauty products on the planet, such as Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, really do live up to the marketing hype! This foundation has been amped up in the beauty industry for quite some time, and unlike some products that just aren’t worth it, this one definitely lives up to it’s brand name and hype. I believe this Armani makeup is the finest that I’ve ever tried. This Armani foundation works so well. It does cost more than average (Usually, around sixty-eight bucks a bottle, but it depends on where you buy it from. I ordered mine online). However, its finish is so silky, natural, glow-y and beautiful that it’s really worth the extra money! I am definitely in love this foundation and I save it for special nights out. It gives me a little touch of magic when I’m getting ready for a date or any other type of other special event. I have a bucket full of cheaper foundations that I use on a more day to day basis, some still semi high end and others drug store.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is a forever favorite of makeup artists and celebrities and now I know why! If you keep reading, you will, too. InStyle Magazine gave this foundation the top rating for liquid formulations back in spring of 2009. It won because it brings out the glow and create a super-smooth look (it’s great for all skin types), due to its exclusive, Micro-fil technology. This weightless foundation is oil-free and it goes on so smooth! Also, it lasts all day (or night, as the case may be!) and it has coverage which is buildable, so you’ll be able to add more if you want to hide bigger imperfections or enjoy a higher overall level of coverage.This foundation is a hydrating formula, despite its oil-free status, and it offers a gorgeous finish which is just like real skin, but better! When I use this product, my skin looks flawless. I recommend applying it with the Armani Blender Brush. However, any foundation brush or sponge will do just fine. I do find that the blender brush provides the most exceptional finish and you can order this brush online, like I did.

I can’t believe how this foundation transforms my complexion, even when I’m tired or have some minor breakouts. It covers beautifully, but feels so sheer and looks so natural. It’s basically everything that you’ve ever wanted from a foundation. Also, I only need a small amount in order to cover my whole face! Which is helpful given that it’s on the expensive side. The key benefit of this makeup is that it makes me luminous. Most foundations don’t really make me glow. This is what sets Armani Luminous Silk Foundation apart from the rest. It’s surely the reason why this foundation is so prized, by beauty gurus, makeup artists, and many others. It’s a cult favorite which is lightweight, yet packed with high-impact pigments! It covers to perfection, without the mask-y look and feel, blending right into your skin, as if it is your skin. It’s adored in the fashion business and it’s also the preferred foundation of some stunning celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. These media-savvy stars know that no foundation photographs better than this one! Armani touts this foundation as offering a “charmeuse silk” finish. This foundation is the ultimate treat for your skin and it may allow you to take the best selfies ever! If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me, too. For those of you who may not be familiar with the brand, Giorgio Armani is an Italian designer who is known for his minimalist aesthetic and expert tailoring. He’s renowned for his perfectionism and this is probably the reason why his makeup line is so successful. He takes care to offer people exquisite quality. His Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has become revered all over the world, just like the elegant suits and evening gowns that he produces for his celebrity clients. You can’t go wrong with this foundation. It’s a proven winner. So, why not try it today?

Armani Luminous Silk is available at most high end retailers, like Sephora, Neman Marcus, Blooming Dales, etc. This foundation comes in 24 shades, including a decent amount of darker shades for women of color. Though, I will forever continue to scream that a “few” shades are not enough. The packaging is of course down right beautiful, I’d expect nothing less from such a high end brand name. I ordered my Armani Luminous Silk online from Amazon of course, the price fluctuates just as like with anything else online, click here for an accurate number.

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