benefit-erase-paste-reviewBenefit Erase Paste Review:

Are your dark circles soooooooo bad that you cannot find any product that will help cover them up?

Hunnnnnnnnty. I have the answer to your prayers! It’s Benefit Erase Paste!

You NEED Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer. Benefit was not playing any games with they came out with the formula for this concealer. I personally do not have too much trouble covering my dark circles on a regular basis. However, I know someone who does. My grandmother is so fashion forward it’s honestly the cutest thing ever. Quite awhile ago she texted me and said “I’m coming over to your house, I need you to show me how you contour”. Ever since I taught her the art of highlighting and contouring she has really embraced the world of makeup, which I think is pretty enduring at the age of 65. One morning she woke up out of no where and looked like she’d been socked in the eye. Her dark circles were so awful that her eyes looked black and blue. Ever since, she has consistently had these god awful dark circles under her eyes and until recently she has had a very difficult time covering them up with makeup.

A quick trip to Sephora and a suggestion from an employee led her to purchasing Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer. The girl at Sephora suggested to my grandmother to use the Erase Paste as a correcting concealer underneath her foundation, and then again to highlight over her foundation. This stuff truly works miracles! She would unfortunately not allow me to take pictures of her *rolls eyes*, but I really hope you can comprehend how dark the circles under her eyes are. They’re literally black and blue, and the Benefit Erase Paste under and over the foundation covers her dark circles so amazingly. I highly recommend this concealer for anyone struggling with extremely dark, and persistent circles.

Benefit Erase Paste concealer is certainly a paste. It is a very creamy product, so be weary if you are not a fan of the consistency of this kind of product. Although it is a bit thick, it blends out very well, and I cannot stress this next point enough; a littles goes A LONG way. You do not need to slather a pound of this on your face, it’s certainly way too expensive for that. This concealer runs for around $26 a pot, but the price will vary depending on where you purchase it from. If you use it correctly, it should last you quite awhile. I know that my grandmother used hers on a daily basis for about 3 and half months before she hit the bottom of the pot. When you purchase Benefit’s Erase Paste it does come with a small spatula applicator, I personally am not a fan of this kind of applicator, I prefer concealers that come with wands but the spatual will do if you do not have a beauty blender of a brush handy.

I would highly recommend this concealer to anyone who is struggling with extremely harsh dark circles. Correction, anyone who is struggling with dark circles and is fair skinned. It comes in 3 shades, natural, medium and deep. This is where the down fall of this product plays in.


3 shades does not come anywhere close to covering the entire spectrum of skin tones and shades, and once again we see another makeup company discriminating against women with darker skin. The so unrightfully named “deep” shade literally is not even adequate for someone with medium colored skin, let alone with someone with deep colored skin. Whoever came up with these shades is confused.

Again, this product is extremely effective and works very well when it comes to hiding those extreme cases of dark circles but since their are minimal shades to choose from it is not necessarily the perfect product.

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