Nothing bothers me more than cake face. Wearing a face full of makeup and having cake face is a million times worse than walking around with a bare face that looks like it belongs to a 13 year old girl who just became a woman. With that being said all of us ladies out there need to stick together and fight the fight against cake face. Which means, if the lady sitting across from you on the subway is looking a little cakey around her nostril area, don’t let her walk around like that! Point it out to her (NICELY) and let her know how she can avoid that problem in the future. If your bestie is walking around with five pounds extra on her, of makeup that is melting off her and turning her face into a ruddy mess then you need to grab that girl pull her in a bathroom and slap some sense into her, and if you are not willing to do that then clearly that ain’t your bestie. So let’s get down to the basics here.


Cake face is that mess your face turns into when you slap ten pounds of makeup on it improperly and then go on doing your day to activities and part of your face dries up like a crusty scab and the other part of your face is oozing melted foundation, and your beautifully crafted eye lids become a big mushed mess of a poopy brown color. That is the best way I can describe cake face, and I know all you ladies know exactly what I am talking about, whether it be because you are guilty of experiencing it yourself or because you’ve witnessed it on someone else. Now that I have explained to you the concept of cake face, let me share with you my tips and tricks to avoid it like it’s the freaking plague. Ok.


  • Never, ever put makeup on dry skin and when I say never I mean NEVER. Moisture is your best friend! Putting makeup on a dry face is just asking for disaster and inviting cake face to invade your life, like think about when you put a piece of toast versus an untoasted piece of bread. When you butter bread it spreads all smoothly easily, when you butter toast it makes that annoying scraping noise and spreads unevenly and the butter sits on the surface of toast and drips everywhere. Moral of the story, don’t be toast okay, be bread. Moisturize your stupid face so your makeup will set properly. Now let’s be clear here, you can moisturize too much! So find a good balance between dry skin, and skin that’s so moisturized it looks like its oozing. Use any moisturizer you are comfortable with, I also suggest implementing a water based spray to help prep your skin. By prepping your face with a spray, moisture is more easily absorbed by your skin. I have used several different sprays, including Mac fix plus spray, Smashbox primer water, and Mario Badescu’s rose water. Mac is my holy grail, so naturally I am obsessed with fix plus, it is definitely my favorite spray to use. If I had to pick a second it would be the Mario Badescu rose water spray, it is nowhere near as pricey as the Smashbox primer water and Mac fix plus spray and has the lovely smell of roses. Who doesn’t want their face to smell like a big bouquet roses? Smashbox’s primer water does the trick as well but I just didn’t feel it was on the same level as Mac fix plus for being in the same price range, and I liked the rose water much better and it was less than a third of the cost of the primer water.
  • When applying your spray of choice, you don’t need to drench your face, your face should have already been washed so no need to do it again okay, all that is needed is a light spritzing across the skin. Now ladies this is important, LET IT DRY. Give your face two to three minutes to soak in the spray and dry, and then begin applying your moisturizer.
  • When it comes to applying moisturizer most people don’t do it the right way and that can be part of what causes the awful cake face look. I recently learned this myself so don’t feel bad, but how many of you are guilty of rubbing your moisturizer in? Probably all of you because what else are you supposed to do with moisturizer right? Wrong! You are supposed to pat it. By patting I mean, dot your moisturizer onto your skin and then gently pat your hands all over your face until you have covered it completely and evenly. By patting instead of rubbing you are preventing the spreading around of all the dead skin particles that are on your face, which if they are spread by rubbing the outcome of your makeup will be compromised.
  • Once you are moisturized, again let your skin dry for a few minutes before applying your foundation. Scroll through Instagram, stalk that girl you hate on twitter real quick, upload a snap story, do whatever you have to do but make sure you give your skin time to dry! When you fail to give your skin time to dry in between these steps that is when you get a mushy cakey looking face. It’s like applying paint on a wall, you don’t move right on to the color before the primers dry, or else your walls are going to be very ugly. Right? Right. So once you’re dry, it’s time to apply your foundation of choice. I personally have been using Mac studio fix fluid these days, and I really love it, but use whatever you are comfortable with. A mistake many people make is using too much foundation. I love full coverage and I never use more than one pump of foundation, so that gives you a little guide as to how much you should be using. If you don’t like as much coverage then consider using a little less. If you have a foundation tray then pump your foundation on to that, if not I like to just pump my foundation on the back of my hand. I then use my finger to dot my foundation through my T zone, around the perimeter of my face, on my chin and under my eyes. From here you can go one of two ways, brush or beauty blender. These days all the makeup artists swear by beauty blenders, and I like the beauty blender as well, I use them sometimes but I just really prefer to use a brush to apply my foundation. That being said foundation brushes with tightly packed bristles give you that smooth airbrushed look, I promise the tools you use make a world of difference. I wish I knew that when I was fifteen and I applied my foundation by smearing it all over my face with my fingers, and then sat there and wondered why I didn’t like the girls in the magazines, god bless the younger ugly me, I don’t know how I made it I swear. Anyway pick one, either a brush or a beauty blender and pat your foundation in your skin, once again it is important that there is no rubbing or smearing occurring! Pat and dab, patting and dabbing with get you that flawless airbrushed look you are hoping to achieve. Make sure your face is covered completely and evenly.
  • Let your foundation set and dry, then you may begin whatever your next steps may be whether that be bronzing, contouring, strobing, etc. Once you are done, your last two steps should be, to set your makeup with a setting powder, I prefer Mac’s prep and prime translucent setting powder. Setting your makeup ensures that it will not move throughout the day, aka this is an uber important step to achieve a flawless face. Once you set your makeup with powder you also need to finish off your look with a setting spray. Once again you can use any of the sprays I listed above to set your makeup, or if you have a setting spray you prefer feel free to use that. You want to make sure you cover your entire face, but you are just spritzing, you do not want to be soaking wet. The setting spray will remove any of the potential extra powder on your face, lock your makeup in for the day, and prevent your face from becoming too oily and shiny.


If you follow my tips and tricks I promise you will see a significant change in the outcome of your makeup, and if you don’t well then I hope your happy looking like Lindsey Lohan after a night in jail.


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