l-a-girl-pro-concealer-reiewThe ultimate question: Do you apply concealer before or after your foundation?!!?!?

Some of you may think this is a pretty obvious question. However, if you are a beginner in the world of makeup, it is easily a valid question. A LOT of people use their concealer underneath their foundation, hell in high school I didn’t know squat about makeup, and I dabbed my concealer on an un-primed, un-moisturized face… with my fingers. Lord have mercy. These days I of course know that that is a big no no according to the 10 commandments of makeup, but I forget that a lot of people don’t know.

I have been asked by my friends and family time and time again if concealer goes under or over foundation so I am here to clarify the answer for everyone who may be wondering. IT DEPENDS!

For general concealing purposes, to cover a zit for example, applying your concealer under your foundation will allow the concealer to move around underneath the foundation. That is why it is best to apply foundation first and then your concealer second, blending it all together and then setting it with setting powder. For contouring and highlighting with concealer it is again best to apply the concealer on top of the foundation, blending and setting it at as well to preserve it, and keep the concealer crease free.

If you don’t like to wear a full face of foundation and just prefer to pop on some cover up, then for you concealer is of course appropriate to apply as the first layer. Cover your blemishes with your concealer, and then apply a small amount of your foundation over the areas where you feel you need it and blend it all together. Once you have blended everything together set your face with setting powder. For color correcting concealing purposes you will be applying your colored concealer underneath your foundation. Once you apply your colored concealer, then your foundation, you will apply your regular concealer on top of the foundation. Of course finish by setting everything with powder.

As far as applying your concealer under or over your foundation it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and what you prefer. Of course there are general rules and guidelines when it comes to applying makeup however makeup is all about what works for you, your skin, and whatever look your hoping to accomplish. A huge misconception is that everyone has to do something the same exact way, and that is so false. Your skin type, the products you’re using, the look you are trying to achieve are all huge differing factors that can affect your routine.

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