Perricone No Foundation, Foundation review:

I love makeup so much that I blog about it, clearly. But, I do have to say that I have begn to really stray from the bolder, and more colorful looks in favor of a less “obvious” makeup look, which tends to include a lot of browns and nudes.

With this in mind, I’ve been searching for everyday makeup products which will be good to my skin and gives me the makeup “no makeup” look. While surfing the world wide web one night, I stumbled upon an article about Dr. Nicholas Perricone. The article was older, but the skin care genius of Perricone, who is the creator of the Perricone MD brand, is still super popular today. This board-certified dermatologist is an anti-aging skin care guru who helps plenty of celebrities to stay youthful. After I read the article, I Googled the doctor’s products and found Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation. Given the name alone I figured that the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation may be exactly what I needed for the perfect makeup, no makeup look.I decided to invest in Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation ASAP.

The foundation cost me about sixty bucks, which is way more than I’ve ever spent on foundation in my entire life, but biting the bullet once didn’t make or break my bank account, so I guess it was okay. Plus, it’s a given that any anti aging product is going to cost a little, to a lot extra depending on the brand.

This foundation provides a truly natural finish and it’s also a powerful anti-aging treatment, which includes holy grail sun protection. I am all about tanning don’t get me wrong, I’ll lay by the pool all day, and I probably shouldn’t admit it but I still hit the tanning beds on occasion but one part of my boduy I REFUSE to let see the light of day, is my face! Wrinkles, brown spots, sun burn, dry skin, you name it, are all things I would high key like to avoid. When you choose this foundation, you’ll pay a “department store” price. However, you’ll really be getting three products in one. Your foundation will offer light, sheer coverage, it will function as an anti-aging skin care treatment and it will also do duty as SPF30 sunscreen. I call that a deal.

One major downer with this foundation is that it only comes in a couple of shades. Before you order, make sure that one of them is right for you. I was lucky to find a great match, but some people are more than likely going to need to mix multiple shades in order to get the right color for their skin. When I received the foundation I was very pleased with it. As soon as I put it on, I found that my skin glowed and that it had a dewier finish that was great for the makeup, no makeup look. Though, it was nice, it’s not a foundation I could use in the dead of summer. Ironic since it’s one of few foundations I own with SPF in it. I like dewy finishes, but they don’t exactly agree well with my skin in the humid, hot summer. I tend to turn into quite the grease pit. Some people say, and have advertised this foundation as a semi-matte, but I personally would classify it as dewy.  So that’s definitely one thing to note about the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation.

Though it’s a light weight, and sheer foundation it will cover some imperfections. It may not be enough for some though depending on your skin condition, and preference. No worries though, add some concealer and you should be fine. While it doesn’t feature a high level of coverage, it does provide enough coverage to even out skin tone, diffuse imperfections and minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines. One pump from the bottle is enough to cover my face, so I expect to be able to use this foundation for a long time without needing to re-order, which is one reason why I didn’t mind shelling out the 60 bucks so much.

I do shake the bottle well before I use the pump. It’s important to do this as it mixes all of the active ingredients. So, don’t forget this step!

Dr. Perricone is all about anti-aging skin care! It’s his passion and he utilizes science in order to come up with the most amazing formulations. For example, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation contains just the right blend of ingredients, including ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and smoothing and freshening Glycolic Acid. As well, it features anti-oxidant (slows down cell damage) and anti-microbial (kills germs) Date Fruit Extract…as well as a host of other superb, skin-pampering ingredients. You might be thinking, well uh, do I really need a foundation that is anti-aging at my age? I mean, I’m only 21, but I am a total believer in starting the process early. The sooner the better right? I don’t even want to give a wrinkle the opportunity to begin forming on my face. So no do you do not necessarily NEED an anti-aging foundation such as the Perricone MD No Foundation, Foundation, but… it couldn’t hurt! Ya feel me? If you want to make the most of your looks without obvious makeup, and keeping your skin looking young is important to you, I think you’ll find that this popular foundation is well worth the money. It’s so easy to put on, a little goes a long way and it’s made by one of the world’s leading experts on anti-aging skin care. Dr. Perricone is a highly respected dermatologist, and his brand is widely used, for something light weight, and healthy for your skin check it out!


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