The Flirt Flash Lash Applicator!

Most women long for thick luscious lashes that they can bat and flirt with all day long. But for most of us that dream is something only acquired through the use of false lashes or expensive lash extensions. And what if you’re broke, and can’t apply false lashes to save your life? I used to be that girl with shaky hands and a short patience, sadly stuck without the full lashes I wanted. Timing the drying of the glue and making sure that the falsies were lined up perfectly with the lash line took too much time and was too frustrating. Lashes that looked bad and unnatural were worse that not wearing any at all. It’s no wonder that false lashes for most girls were often relegated to big parties that only happened a few times a year. But no more! I wanted to be like all the beauty guru’s of YouTube and rock false lashes daily. After months of learning I found my steady hand and now I apply my lashes daily like a pro. Unfortunately for some women they just can’t grasp it no matter how much they practice! A company known as “Flirt” has created a tool to ease the pain of applying your own lashes. The Flirt False Lash Applicator by none other than Amber Rose, promises incredible false lashes that are only a few minutes and clicks away. Should women everywhere rejoice?

flirt-cosmetics-lash-applicator-noAs with the applying of traditional lashes the best way to use the Flirt False Lash Applicator is to apply makeup and have your face and eyes ready to go. Then the applicator is easy to use to finish your look. Simply click the applicator to bring a fresh “bud” of fake lashes up to the top of the tool. Each bud has three lashes in it and the applicator contains 44 buds. The applicator looks a little like a white-out applicator, and clicks in somewhat the same way. Once the falsies are half-exposed keep them in place in the applicator with a click of the button. The next step is to apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the lash buds. Wait until they are tacky, like your mans ex, (about 30 seconds), blowing gently on it to dry if needed, and bam! Apply! If you don’t wait until the glue is dry you run the risk of the bud sliding out of place from where you put it. If that happens gently nudge it back into the correct place and wait a little longer on the next bud. Gently stretch out your eyelid with one hand while using the applicator to place the eyelash bud where you’d like it. Generally women like to start on the outside corners of their eyes and work their way in if more buds are desired. Hold the bud in place for a few seconds to make sure that it sticks. Now press the bottom button on the applicator to release the bud and repeat as needed.

When you have applied all of the lash buds that you need to complete your look use a slick of mascara to up the drama and help them blend in with your real eyelashes. But make sure it’s a light coat! Don’t disturb your hard work. These lash buds will last all day and keep you looking amazing, but it is best to take them off before bed. A simple makeup remover will do the trick. Unfortunately, the lash buds are single-use only.

flirt-lash-applicatorSome say the Flirt Flash Lash Applicator is a wonderful design that is long overdue in the beauty world, that it allows all women (not just those with steady hands!) to be able to perfect their look for day or night. That’s one way to look at it. In my opinion the Flirt Flash Lash Applicator is nothing but an expensive, fancy, unnecessary gadget that seems just cool enough that a bunch of women will throw money away on it. Amber probably realizes this too, and she’s probably still making a killing off of you. Applying lashes is truly something that needs to be practiced over, and over again. I have been wearing strip lashes daily for 2 years now, and some days I STILL can’t get them perfect. For those who just can’t seem to get it no matter how hard they try, just stick to mascara. Do not waste your money on this tool! I don’t see how holding the lash applicator is any different from holding a pair of lashes in your hair with tweezers. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it! Not to mention, most makeup guru’s and artists would probably agree that applying an entire strip of lashes is much easier than applying individual buds. So again, the lash applicator seems a bit silly. Not to mention that you can not reload the tool with the lashes you have already used, making useable only once! Uh, talk about a HUGE waste of money! Even the cheapes of traditional strip lashes can be used 3-5 times before they are garbage. More durable, qualtiy and expensive strip lashes can be used up to 20 times over with proper care. I don’t often break out the individual buds, because they are a pain in the ass but one pack of those i’ll use over and over. The pack I have now I’ve probably had for over a year! Why would anyone in their right mind use the Flirt Lash Applicator and then just throw them away after?!

What this all boils down to is: If you want to wear fake lashes their is no way to get around practicing.

This tool is useless, and a giant waste of money, and there is no other tool out there that is magically going to ease your lash application. Practice, practice, practice, or just buy a really bomb ass mascara.

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