gluing your eyebrowsLife hack: gluing your eyebrows.

The process of growing out your eyebrows is a tedious, annoying, and not so cute. When you are doing everything but grooming your brows your makeup can be on point as ever, but your over grown, miss shapen brows will be what everyone’s staring at. To pluck or not to pluck? Quite the dilemma right? WRONG.

This used to be quite the dilemma, that is until I watched an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and took a note out of some of the contestants play books. I watched in awe as these contestants beat their faces to the gods by first starting out with a glue stick. Yes, a glue stick. Apparently the drag community has been gluing their eyebrows for forever, so I am not quite sure why this is just coming to my attention because it is such an amazing trick!

What is gluing your eyebrows going to do for anything? Uh, keep those pesky little unwanted hairs from popping out and ruining your perfectly sculpted brows. Once you have glued them down you cannot see one out of place hair, and your brows look phenominal! This is how people are able to completely alter their brow shape for drag makeup without having to shave their eyebrows off. (I wish I knew about this 4 years ago when I did actually pluck my eyebrows off so I could give myself a new shape). Literally, this is the best life hack ever.

Gluing your eyebrows down is super easy! All you need is a brow spooly, some concealer, foundation that matches your skin tone to perfection, some translucent powder, and of course the most important part; a gluestick. Now I don’t think the kind of glue matters, from what I have been told Elmer’s glue is a great choice, haha, but I think any glue stick will do. Now don’t get mad at me if this gives you some type of rash or something, I mean, let’s all bear in mind glue that sticks paper together probably isn’t supposed to go on your face, so use with caution! Maybe do like a patch test on a conspicuous spot on your neck to see if it is going to irritate your skin or not. Also I wouldn’t definitely buy a non toxic glue, you know. Just in case.

Now, 2015 was all about Instagram brows, but 2016 was all about bushy Cara Delevigne type brows, so naturally last year we were trained to brush our brows upwards for that fuller effect. Forget that. If you are going to be gluing your brows down in 2017 you have to learn to brush them in the actual direction that they grow. That being said, step one is going to be:

Brush your brows with a brow brush or spooly!

Are you ready to glue? Step two:

Whip that glue stick out! Apply a generous amount of glue to your brow going with the direction of the hair. Before you let it dry all the way be sure to once again take your spooly and comb your brows down so that they are as flat as can be.  Let them dry and repeat this step 2 more times. So when you are done you should have 3 lovely layers of glue on your brows.

Step three:

Take some translucent powder and a sponge and set your now glued down brows.

Step four:

Time to cover them upl! Apply concealer over yours brow and blend it out. Then apply your foundation over the concealer and be absolutely sure that your foundation matches seamlessly with your skin tone in order to ensure that your brows are undetectable.

Now bear in mind that if you are just looking to cover those extra brow hairs that are popping out because you are either growing your eyebrows out, or you’re just lazy and havent gotten around to cleaning them up you won’t be covering your entire brow. In that case you are just going to glue down the areas that are grown out and leave the rest of the brow alone.

I would totally do this myself to demonstrate for you guys… but I am really afraid that it will be disastrous to my face because I have very sensitive skin and I just cannot bring myself to take one for the team this time. BUT, I am going to link this post on Beautylish, which shows you their steps and directions with corresponding photos to show you what it actually looks like. Also check out this drag tutorial YouTube video that I originally learned from!

I hope you guys will enjoy this eyebrow gluing life hack.

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