Get a Poreless Look with Lorac Porefection Foundation!

If you want to find a foundation which is kind to your skin and minimizes the look of those pesky visible pores, as it also provides a great level of coverage, you’ll benefit from discovering Lorac Porefection Foundation.

This popular formula was worn by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, Chrissy Teigen (bae), at this year’s Oscars, along with a couple of Lorac lipsticks which were topped by a light layer of Lorac Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Socialite. Chrissy’s skin looked radiant, flawless, fresh and totally makeup-free, so this foundation definitely offers a natural finish, while also covering up all manner of imperfections.

After I saw Chrissy’s Oscar photos, I was intrigued enough to do some Googling. I wanted to know which foundation she was wearing. Once I found out, I decided to order Lorac Porefection Foundation in my very own shade! I’m soooo glad that I did. It has become one of my favorite foundations. Lorac Porefection Foundation  is amazing.

If your skin is on the oily side and/or very sensitive, you’ll probably love this foundation as much as I do. The reviews I’ve read make it clear that this product is a must-have for girls who do have oiler and/or more sensitive complexions. I, being one of those girls with super oily ass skin was pleasantly surprised by how well this foundation worked with my skin and managed to keep my shininess at bay, while maintain coverage.

This foundation offers a medium to high level of coverage. I apply it with my E.L.F. Powder Brush (my favorite brush to apply foundation) and then pat it gently into place. Once it’s dry, I set my face with RCMA No Color Translucent powder. Between the foundation and a nice layer of powder you should find your face in good shape at the end of the day.

This foundation is marketed as an acne fighter, so I recommend it if you want to keep your pores clean while you wear makeup. This foundation won’t trigger breakouts, it offers a finish which is superbly natural and the foundation itself has the ultimate silky feel. As well, it disguises pores like nobody’s business! Since it’s free of oil, fragrance and parabens, it’s a very pure foundation with plenty of skin-smoothing benefits. Also, as a bonus, it’s a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20. When I wear it, I get a flawless complexion, as well as healthy sun protection and protection from photo-aging (sun damage causes wrinkles and I cannot afford botox yet)!

I paid around thirty-six dollars for my bottle of Lorac Porefection Foundation. This is a standard amount for a high-end foundation and actually costs less than some other foundations in the department store tier, such as formulas from Perricone MD and NARS. So, it’s not out of reach to most people. The price does fluctuate however, I prefer to order products like this from Amazon, because the shipping is quick and convenient and returns are super easy with Amazon prime. Click here to check out the current pricing.

Lorac is “Carol” spelled backwards. Bet you didn’t know that fun fact. It’s the brainchild of notable makeup artist, Carol Shaw. She launched this now-hugely-successful company back in 2001 and her foundations are world-renowned for their exceptional purity. In fact, she’s best-known for what she doesn’t put into her makeup formulas. Examples of stuff that she always leaves out include chemical sunscreens (she uses titanium dioxide instead and it provides great broad spectrum protection), fragrance (this can irritate the skin and cause allergies) and silicone (silicone is not a natural ingredient).

This foundation is literally great for your skin since it doesn’t contain the bad stuff, Lorac Porefection Foundation is loaded with the good stuff. It contains vitamin E, vitamin A, Lemon Fruit Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Papaya Fruit Extract. All of these healthy ingredients smooth, rejuvenate and nourish the complexion! As well, the natural sunscreen in this foundation formula provides UVB and UVA sun protection. To avoid premature skin aging and skin cancer, you need both forms of protection!

Also, this bottle looks so nice. It has a sleek, modern and high-end look and its pump is designed to work beautifully each and every time. Thank God for the pump, I am so sick of buying expensive ass foundations that im pouring out onto the back of my hand.

The one downside I can mention about this foundation just so happens to be the down side of most. The color range could stand to be more broad. Why are companies still failing to recognize that their customer base is largely made up of women of color? 10 shades are not enough.

I highly recommend this foundation, and the LORAC Porefection Concealers as well. Their yellow tone correcting concealer is amongst one of my favorites and a staple in my highlighting and contouring regimen. A long with their foundation and concealer I am also absolutely OBSESSED with their PRO eyeshadow palette. The pigmentation of the palette is absolutely insane, the colors are beautiful for everyday use and special looks. It includes mattes as well as shimmery colors, neutral and bold tones.


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