I scored the best full coverage drugstore foundation last week: Loreal’s Infallible Total Coverage!

Once again on a trek for a good inexpensive foundation, I decided to give the Loreal Infallible Total Coverage a go. I was extremely, and pleasantly surprised! I tested out the Infallible Matte, and thought it was decent, but didn’t really think it was up to the hype that it received through out the makeup internet. So my expectations weren’t all that high for the total coverage. I was super excited when I realized how great this foundation really is.

The Infallible Matte was indeed matte, but was medium coverage. Personally, as some of you may know, I prefer the fullest of coverage, ultimate coverage. So it wasn’t quite enough for me, thus this revelation led me to the Infallible Total Coverage. The total coverage, although not considered matte, is also not extremely dewy. It’s a pretty solid in betweener that can easily be made more matte with the use of some translucent powder. The coverage is phenomenal! It’s almost good enough to make me consider refraining from color correcting. Which is a big deal. I’d consider the coverage comparable to my favorite full coverage high end foundation, Kat Von D’s Lock it Tattoo foundation.

Price wise you are definitely getting what you paid for! Around $11 for a great foundation? It does not get any better than that.

Long lasting? Hell yes. My days have been getting longer and longer recently, as I now run a business, started my summer job, and run a household, and have started an intense training regimen that requires me to spend 2 hours of my day in the gym 5 days a week. So I need a foundation that’s going to keep up with this new found productive lifestyle I have going on. I applied the Infallible Total Coverage foundation around 8 a.m. one day, following my normal makeup regimen, then proceeded to work from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in 75 degree weather, outdoors, and followed that up by going out and run errands after that. I got home around 6:30 and my makeup was still pretty flawless. Other than a few shiny spots that are impossible to prevent no matter what foundation, or any amount of powder I use, my face looked as it did that morning. This foundation did not separate at all, not even in my oily areas (t-zone), it didn’t become cakey, and it even withstood the water I accidentally splashed on my face at work. It definitely kept my oiliness at bay better than any other drugstore foundation I have ever tried. I am generally a total grease pit without good foundation, and I was shocked that I was only slightly oily, a quick pass over with some blotting papers I would’ve looked like I had just freshly applied my makeup!

The one downside is unfortunately so typical, Loreal is definitely lacking on the diversity front. While the foundation is bomb, the shade range is so not. Loreal certainly needs to expand their shade range and feature more darker shades for women of color. It’s common that women of color have a hard time purchasing drugstore foundation because of the lack of shades that are dark enough to match their skin tones. What blows my mind is that not one drugstore company has really cashed in on this market. If I was in charge, I sure as hell would be catering to women of color since their is such a void that needs to be filled in both the drugstore and high end market.

Overall this foundation is like the Beyonce of drugstore foundations. I’d hesitate to use a high end in favor of this one tbh. I really, really, love this foundation and it may even level up to having the same place in my heart as the Kat Von D.


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