Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review:

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Offers Natural-looking Coverage!


  • Reasonable Price
  • Six shades for all skin tones
  • Great coverage
  • Flawless finish
  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic


  • Maybelline cosmetics are tested on animals *sad face*

Nothing is worse than visible concealer and this is the reason why I’m always on the hunt for an affordable concealer which looks completely natural!

In my opinion, concealer should become a part of you. It should blend flawlessly to hide even the biggest imperfections. It should disappear into your skin as soon as you put it on!

In the past, I’ve tried so many different concealers in the “low price” bracket, including products from Cover Girl, Rimmel and NYC. I was never quite satisfied with any of them! When I discovered Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, I was thrilled with its natural finish.

As well, its sleek and attractive packaging gives this handy and reasonably-priced concealer a designer look, without the sticker shock! It comes in a clear tube with squared edges and has a black top and black lettering. It has the high-fashion MAC or NARS look, to it without the expensive price tag, plus personally, I don’t even like MAC concealers. I’d much rather have the Maybelline.

Why choose this concealer? As if the price tag isn’t reason enough…

This product comes in six shades, rather than the usual, Light, Medium and Dark, so the selection is better than some, but you may still have some trouble finding the shade that’s just right for you, whether you have porcelain skin or mahogany skin or anything in between I recommend that when push comes to shove it is beneficial to pick up a few shades and do a little color mixing of your own. For women of color, you may find that the darkest shade may not be dark enough for some skin tones, this unfortunately seems to be a universal problem within the world of makeup, but for a quick fix, I’d recommend mixing the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer with a little bit of L.A. Girl Pro concealer, which comese in much darker shades. I have found that mixing both of these concealers together to attain a certain color does not compromise the formula too much, and still allows for a great finish. You can also use one fair shade and one dark shade for contouring purposes, depending on your skin tone and your preferences.

One key benefit of this product is that it’s oil-free!!! This is a huge plus for all of my fellow grease bags. It’s much better this way, as it doesn’t get shiny after you put it on, even after hours of wear. Combined with the baking technique or a quick tap of some setting powder your concealer will be set for all day wear. It’s a great choice for covering up ruddy skin or blemishes and I also find it great for under the eyes. This concealer combined with some great setting powder, and maybe even the baking technique, is a recipe for a crease free cream highlight, that lasts for hours on end. I recomnmend the RCMA No Color powder!

Maybelline New York concealer, has been tested by dermatologists and by opthalmologists. As well, it’s non-comedogenic, so it covers up my breakouts without triggering more of them. Lastly, there is no fragrance. This is another plus for people with sensitive skin that do not do well with scented products. I prefer to smell like my signature scent of the moment, which is currently Modern Muse by Estee Lauder. Kendall Jenner wears the same perfume!

To use this concealer, I apply dots with the wand in a triangular formation under my eyes, and use very small dabs to cover any acne or redness that I may have going on at the time. Then I take a concealer brush by It! Cosmetics to blend it in. It blends extremely well, and I prefer to blend out this concealer without the help of any makeup sprays. Generally, I would use MAC Fix Plus, or something similar to blend out my concealer, but the Maybelline Fit Me is so easily blendable it is unnecessary.

I scored this Maybelline product online for just under five bucks! Since some department store concealers cost 4X that or even more, I think that I got a great deal. If you want a high-end finish for less, this concealer will show you that you absolutely do not need to pay department store prices for excellent makeup! I’ve literally begun purchasing way more drugstore products in favor of high end. The beauty of this concealer is that it covers so well, while still letting my skin tone shine through from underneath. It’s the ultimate in effective, yet sheer coverage, at a ballin’ on a budget kind of price!

The only unfortunate aspect of this product, is the fact that the Maybelline brand is NOT cruelty free. Which is a deal breaker for more than a few people.

Overall I highly recommend this concealer for anyone looking to step up their makeup game, on a budget! Some even call it the perfect dupe for NARS Creamy Radiant concealer… though I personally wouldn’t go quite that far.

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