Get the Runway Look with Nars Sheer Glow Foundation:

If you ever watch coverage of Fashion Week (New York or Paris, or both!) on TV or online, you already know that the models who cruise the catwalks have flawless makeup, whether it’s the natural look or something more creative. A lot of makeup artists who work at Fashion Week prep the models by applying NARS Sheer Glow Foundation to their faces! No, seriously, I’m not lying.

This foundation is definitely a high-end pick! I mean, have you seen the price tag? It comes from legendary French makeup artist and photographer, Francois Nars, and it offers medium coverage with a sheer finish. I like to try fancier products every now and then, when my bank account allows me to anyway, and NARS is generally never a disappoinment. Rewind to that one day I FINALLY invested in their “Orgasm” blush. One of the best buys ever.

This is a foundation that I’ve read a lot about. It’s a “cult favorite” and it’s the preferred makeup of a lot of celebrities that I like, including Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid! Since it’s good enough for these girls, who can buy any foundation in the world, I decided to splurge and hand all of my money over to Sephora. Also, I prayed that a little of this foundation would go a long way (apparently praying works), so I’d be able to use one bottle of the product for quite a while before I ran out.

This foundation is great if you enjoy medium coverage, though not exactly right for me (if you’ve checked out this blog enough, you know how much I love full coverage) it’s buildable, and with two applications, I was quite satisfied with the coverage as it continued to maintain a sheer, and skin like appearance. A lot of foundations come off as dry, and flat but Nars Sheer Glow, well, has a beautiful glow to it. Nars makes a few foundation formulas. I chose this one because it provides a higher level of coverage while also having a sheer finish, as well as an added moisturizing power. You’ll get a covered, fresh and dewy look with this product! What some would call the perfect combo.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s not right for ladies with oily skin, because I definitely think you can make it work with the right skincare, techniques, and some really good setting powder, but to give you fair warning it does seem to have a lot of emollients and oilier skin types may react to it. I’d say it’s best for normal to dry skin. It gives it a little glow and keeps it looking fresh and pampered for hours, without fading. I have tend to lean more towards the oily side of the spectrum, but I find that I can make this foundation work for me, especially in the dryer months of the winter time. This foundation is also great when you mix it with some some moisturizer, to create a tinted look on the days when you aren’t looking for too much coverage. This formula comes with skin-brighteners and this is probably why I look more alive as soon as I put it on! It’s got quite a lot of vitamin C in it and this is a great ingredient for better skin. This important vitamin refines the texture of the complexion, evens out discolorations and brightens everything up. Since this formula is loaded with potent anti-oxidants which slow down skin cell aging, as well as turmeric extract which boosts the radiance of skin, I definitely feel that this foundation is worth the money. You can never attempt to start preventing aging too early. Literally, I swear I’ll be botoxing at 25. You try running your own businesses, finishing college, and still working as a waitress from the age of 20, you’ll need botox too for all those stress caused wrinkles.

I did some research on Francois Nars before I bought this Vogue-worthy foundation! According to Francois, foundation is really important. He thinks that it’s the key to getting a modern makeup look. He created this foundation to give women and men a flawless, and healthy look. It balances color without the dreaded “mask” effect. This foundation hid all of my zits, my dark spots, rosacea and the list goes on and on. It’s also a good choice for hiding dark circles under the eyes. For a sheerer application, a beauty blender is a great tool to use with this particular foundation, but when building with it for a better coverage, I’d recommend using a flat foundation brush, to apply and blend the foundation in the areas where you need extra coverage. This formula comes in twenty shades and each shade is named for a place, from Siberia (which is the lightest foundation shade I have ever seen, for those of you who are extremely pale skinned, and struggle to find a shade light enough) to Deauville to New Orleans to Trinidad. I think that the names are pretty romantic and exotic and I personally love the whole Nars vibe!

If you want to buy something special and your skin is normal or dry, I definitely recommend Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. It’ll give you the runway look in no time flat and it stays put for about eight hours. There is literally only one con to this product, and it is a huge pet peeve of mine. It doesn’t come with an applicator or a pump. A lot of expensive foundations I have purchased over the years have had the same down fall. For a billion dollars, I want my damn foundation to come with an applicator. What’s even worse is that they realize that there is a need for an applicator or a pump and they sell one… SEPARATELY! Soooooo annoying. All they want to do is take your money. Yet, other than that. I love this foundation.

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