Introducing the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette Vol. 1!

The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette is my new holy grail and it hasn’t even been released yet. I don’t even need to try it out to know that this new lip palette is so many things including; a huge deal, super innovative, and oh yeah, a blessing from god to every lazy makeup lover out there.

Yesterday the lovely Norvina (Claudia Soare) announced that the mother daughter team that is Anastasia Beverly Hills, is getting ready to drop a makeup industry bomb: a lip palette.

abh-pro-lip-palette-swatchThis gorgeous lip palette is the absolute ultimate lip kit. Sorry Kylie. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette Vol. 1 contains 18 pigmented lip shades. What is extremely unique about this lip palette, is that it is built to allow you to create an endless amount of your own custom lip colors. It even comes with a dual ended brush/spatula, and a mixing plate!!! This kit will give you the ability to easily mix gorgeous custom colors just like a pro for you and your clients. For mixing purposes ABH was sure to include the primary colors, AKA red, blue, and yellow. As well as useful mixing colors such as white, and black. These colors will allow you to be as creative as you would like and create and endless amount of customized lip colors you will find no where else. In addition to the primary’s and additional mixing colors, ABH also included several nudes, and few pops of color. A stunning orange, bright purple, and dark pink colors will bring out the bold in you, while several beautiful browns, and a couple shades of nude will call to those who prefer a more natural and simple look.

Now for the important stuff. This ahhhh-mazing, must have lip palette must cost a pretty penny right? WRONG. Baby girl Norvina came through with the most reasonable price ever; $48. No I am not lying. You can purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette Vol. 1 for a meere $48. This is a freaking steal! Let’s compare real quick, one matte liquid lipstick from ABH is $20. This kit is supplying you with 18 different matte lip shades, that were created to be mixed and matched with one another to produce endless lip shades, plus ABH was kind enough to include the mixing spatula and plate, for only $48. For a little more than the price of two liquid lipsticks you could have an entire lip palette filled with virtually never ending color options.


Notice this lip palette is called volume one. Is this a hint that this is not the only lip palette to come for ABH? I hope so!

The entire concept of the palette is phenominal, the price is on point, and it’s coming from a brand that I trust. Of course I can not definitively say whether or not this pallete is going to be a hit until I try it out, but I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the formula is going to be great. Anastasia Beverly Hills has the best matte liquid lipstick formula in my opinion, so I can’t imagine that they started slacking now.

anastasia-beverly-hills-lip-paletteThe ABH Pro Lip Pallete Vol. 1 will go on sale on the offical Anastasia Beverly Hills website on 1/10/17. It will then be released in stores, at Sephora, Dillards, Ulta, and Macy’s on 3/15/17. I will no doubt be glued to my computer next week, prepping for the online race to get through check out without losing the palette from my shopping cart. We shall see! God forbid I do not get my hands on this palette and you do, PLEASE share your thoughts and opinions and of course pictures of your custom colors!!!

Make sure you mark your calendars guys! You are not going to want to miss the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Pallete.

Also be sure to check out the ABH matte liquid lipsticks, they again in my opinion have the best formula on the market, as well as their lip glosses. Their gloss in “Butterscotch” is my all time fav. I refuse to wear any other gloss, it’s a beautiful nude lip gloss with minimal stickiness, and is extremely long lasting. Their matte lipstick in “Pure Hollywood” is another all time favorite.

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