NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Foundation:

I was balling on a budget when I purchased the NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation! I am constantly on the hunt for the BEST drugstore foundation. Foundation is one of the more costly makeup products out of my entire routine, and I would assume it is for most other people as well, so of course if I can find a way to cut the cost, why wouldn’t I? I am all about penny pinching honey.

I decided to give NYX Stay Matte not Flat a shot, for one reason. Well, that’s a lie, there were a few. One of which being that, it labeled as a full coverage foundation! I don’t do anything but full coverage so when I found out that this inexpensive foundation was in fact full coverage I knew I had to give it a shot.

IMG_4781My first impression of the NYX Stay Matte not Flat foundation crossed my mind in the middle of Ulta while I was picking out. How can they only have 3 shades in the store? Now whether this is NYX’s fault, or Ulta’s fault I do not know, but what I do know is, it can’t be good for sales to only carry 3 shades of a product. Especially when NYX made 30. Target would be the next retail store I would hit to purchase NYX and some Targets I have hit don’t even have it at all! How in the hell are you supposed to sell a product when you don’t stalk it in a store? Foundation is not something that is generally being purchased online. I think NYX’s marketing team needs me over there.

My next impression; this is not full coverage. They lied. After applying this foundation with a stippling brush (my favorite method of application) I was not impressed at all, and knew that I would need at LEAST one more layer of foundation in order to achieve a full coverage. Emphasis on at least. The formula was more than light weight, it felt like I was rubbing water all over my face. It was extremely thin, watery, and certainly disappointing. I wouldn’t even call this foundation a medium coverage foundation, in my eyes it is definitely light coverage product.

It is an oil free foundation which I can always appreciate due to my over zealous pores but whatever it is that they put in there instead, well that made me even oilier. I looked like a complete grease bucket by the end of the day, and there are not enough blotting papers and or powder in the world to help de slick this face when I am wearing that foundation. Matte is so far down on the bottom of the list of words I would choose to use to describe this particular foundation. If you have skin that leans more towards the dryer side rather than the combination/ oily side, uhm could this be the foundation for you? I do not know, but if you are oily in the least I would stay as far away as you possibly can from this foundation. Run.

I have to touch back on the shade options for a moment. Now not only did they create 30 different shades, yet only supply less than a handful to their retailers, but the shades that they did offer up in stores, are not very nice colors! I purchased medium beige. Now maybe I am living on some alternate planet than everyone else, but I personally do not expect their to be a hint of orange in a color that is considered to be beige. This color is so orange, I don’t see how anyone can use it! Unless oompa loompa is the new wave, NYX really needs to rethink these color formulas.

So to sum it all up for you, in case you missed the tone of this entire speil even though this foundation costs only $7.00, please just save your $7.00. Get yourself a cup of coffee, maybe a muffin, a few packs of gum, something, because anything you can think of is a better investment than this particular foundation I can promise you. This product has made it into my makeup “junk” drawer, and on occasion I will whip it out and use it as a mixer, but that’s about it. I will never, ever reach for this foundation again. If it wasnt for the color, I would say, it’s not the greatest but it’s still doable, you can still work with it, you can find a way to make it work in some way, shape of form. But since it’s so orange you really can’t. Like, it’s closer to a color that I would contour with than it is a shade of beige that I would use as a foundation. I just don’t understand. If you insist on testing this product out be wise with your color choice, I highly recommend using a high end primer because you are going to need it to be able to keep this foundation together, you’re definitely going to need some hardworking setting powder to make sure everything stays where it is supposed to be as well as keep the oiliness at bay, and you for damn sure need to make sure you have the best setting spray on the planet to seal it all together and try to make the application last.

You’ve been warned.

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