prismatic amethyst by beccaPrepare yourselves for swatches of Becca’s new highlighter “Prismatic Amethyst” thanks to beauty guru, Nazanin Kavari. You are going to die!

As we all know, Becca is the O.G. beauty brand when it comes to highlighters and this time around I think they have truly out done themselves! Champagne Pop who?

Prismatic Amethyst is stunning, yet I wouldn’t quite consider it to be amethyst. If I were to name this product myself, I’d call it lavender, lilac, or opal maybe. It is a very, very, light purple inspired shade and it is down right stunning! I sense major unicorn vibes coming from this highlighter. Color shifting pigments that are infused through out the highlighter give it that iridescent glow. These pigments produce the stunning lavender, holographic, unicorn-esque shimmer that you will not find anywhere else.

IMG_4743 IMG_4744 IMG_4745

Yassssssss honey! I know you see that stunning swatch!

What’s utterly magnificent about this magical highlighter is that, it’s universally stunning! I don’t care what your skin tone may be, black, white, mexican, asian, so on and so on I promise that this highlighter is going to look stunning on you. Becca can even prove it.

prismatic amethyst

This bad boy is labeled as special addition highlighter (but you all know how that usually goes) so proceed with caution. You may want to scramble to get your hands on Prismatic Amethyst though.

Prismatic Amethyst dropped on Valentine’s day for Sephora’s VIB Rouge members, and it will be released online to the general public tomorrow Feb. 22nd on and on the Becca Cosmetics site. It will finally be released in stores at some point during the month of March.

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