img_3995Everyone needs a bomb concealer.  A bad concealer can make or break your look. There are several favorite concealers floating around on the market right now that are super popular because they are amazing. One being, Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer, and another, of course, Nars Radiant Creamy concealer. Nars has been popping for a minute as far as concealer goes, but Tarte’s Shape Tape is newer on the scene.

Tarte Shape Tape concealer has amazeballs coverage! Whether you are simply looking to do some simple covering up, or highlighting this concealer is definitely a great product. Since it’s a double-duty product which works beautifully as a cover-up and contouring concealer, it obviously is a great weapon to keep in your makeup aresenal. I also highly recommend any of the Tarte products for anyone suffering from excess oil production! Tarte Cosmetics is known to formulate their makeup with natural products, one of which is amazonian clay. Amazonian clay naturally absorbs the excess oil produced by your skin, keeping you matte longer.

tarte-shape-tape-concealer-shadesCurrently, it’s available in fourteen shades, so there is bound to something which is just right for you, if your fair skinned that is. I personally don’t feel like their needs to be as many shades of concealer as foundation, so I think 14 shades is a pretty decent selection to choose from. But… I would like to point out that they are very lacking in the darker shades. “Mahogany” their darkest shade, is labeled for ultra deep skin tones… yet it’s about the same shade I’d probably use to contour, and let me tell you I do not have very dark skin!!! A handful of black women I know, would never be able to use this shade, and their skin is not even close to the darkest of complexions that I have seen. It’s really appauling that large brands still leave out women of color when it comes to creating shades.

You should be able to find this concealer for about $24 online. Prices will vary based on where you buy. While this concealer isn’t the most affordable, Tarte is a higher end name brand, and well you get what you pay for I guess. Again, Tarte’s Cosmetics are crafted from natural ingredients, which are often a little more expensive. This product is vegan-friendly, which is a huge plus for many and most women love its coverage and consistency. It gets great reviews, as it doesn’t have a greasy finish and covers womderfully. Although it’s not greasy, it won’t dry the skin, either, which is a chronic problem for many who are living in parts of the world that endure the winter months. It offers the perfect balance of moisture and matte coverage for a truly perfect finish!

Also, it comes with a big wand applicator which I prefer. It just makes it easier to apply in my opinion. Some other concealers like Lorac, or L.A. Girl, come in the tubes and you squeeze it out, and brush it on, and I just don’t like those. Depending on your skin tone, you will more than likely prefer the Tarte Shape Tape for your regular concealing needs, and some highlighting. However since they are very lacking in darker shades, you will probably need to find an alternate concealer for contouring.

Nars is such a sophisticated makeup brand and its concealer is definitely an elegant way to cover up imperfections. When they came out with the Radiant and Creamy concealer it was an instant hit. Especially in their coveted shade; Custard.

nars-radiant-creamy-concealer-shades nars-radiant-creamy-concealer-shades-2This concealer is available in sixteen shades and it usually costs about $29, but again, prices may vary based on where you buy. So, it is more expensive than the Tarte concealer, but not by too much. However, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is a very respected product which a lot of women really love. In terms of high-end makeup, it doesn’t get any more prestigious than NARS. This product has amazing quality and is also a status symbol that you’ll be proud to own.This cover-up cosmetic is perfect for a variety of skin types and it offers multiple advantages. For example, when you use it, you’ll be able to hide imperfections, blur fine lines and wrinkles and banish dark circles or other signs of tiredness. It’s created with botanical ingredients which hydrate, firm, take down ruddiness and boost the skin’s strength and beauty. As well, it has light-diffusing features which help the skin to look more even-toned. It also contains mineral powder for a truly flawless look. This concealer blends so well and has excellent staying power. Wear it alone or with foundation. This isn’t a contouring product. It’s a basic concealer with every bell and whistle. So, it’s best for those who want to hide flaws and brighten skin. When the concealer made it to the shelves, the radiant and creamy in Custard was a huge success! It was an amazing highlighting concealer that was flattering for a huge range of people with vraying skin tones.

The Nars Radiant and Creamy concealer also comes with a wand applicator, and does in fact have a few more darker shades than the Tarte, but still not quite enough.

Which Concealer is Right for You?

Both of these products are two of the best-selling concealers in the high end category, on the market right now in my opinion. You’ll find that both are simple to locate and order online. In general, I give the NARS concealer a slight edge, as it’s just a truly beloved product. NARS is overall a bit of a superior brand compared to Tarte, and I’m slightly salty that Tarte basically provided women of color with two shades that could potentially work for some, but not even the majority. Though NARS isn’t all that much better, they have a few more shades available, giving women of color a bit more room to work with. Both brands have positives and negatives about them, it really just depends on your needs and preferences.

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