The Balm “Time Balm” Review:

We all spend a lot of money on our makeup and we want it look good from the first moment we put it on until we decide to wash it off! However, without a good makeup primer, our makeup may not go the distance! Can you believe I didn’t even know what primer was until I was 19??? My mind was literally blown when I realized what I was missing out on all of those years of high school when I wore makeup every day and constantly came home wondering why the hell I looked like a puddle of grease.

So as of today I realize how primer is really, REALLY important and many women (and lots of guys, too, of course!) don’t realize just how big of a difference it makes. The best primers soften skin, hide visible pores and improve skin texture. Basically they turn your face into the perfect canvas. They are a perfect base for foundation and/or concealer and everything else that we love to put on top! As well, a great primer is always going to dramatically extend the life (and super-fresh look!) of makeup.

If you’re interested in trying a popular and beloved primer that you can really count on, from a trusted brand name (whether it’s your first time using this type of beauty product or you’re a pro), you should consider The Balm Time Balm Face Primer. It’s an awesome primer that so many people love, and I high key recommend! Every time that I use it, my makeup has the “just put on” look until I go to bed at night. Sometimes I can barely bring myself to wash it off it looks so good! Seriously. This primer gives me so much self-confidence. When I use it (and that’s more and more these days), I never need to worry about touch-ups. I use to carry around an entire trunk of makeup, literally a trunk, it looked like a tackle box that fisherman use and I’d put it in my car everyday whenever I was going somewhere. These days, since I’ve discovered some bomb primers, and the invention of blotting papers I don’t carry any makeup on me whatsoever, and other than to blot I don’t touch my face at all once I put my makeup on in the morning.

Using this primer ensures that my face stays perfect at all times. Designed to be affordable and practical, this easy-to-use primer is really a secret weapon in the battle against melting, fading and caking makeup! Also, it’s one hundred percent cruelty-free (which is great for all of my vegan or otherwise conscious friends), just like every beauty product from The Balm brand is! Not one piece of makeup, or any of the skin care products sold by the The Balm is tested on animals.

I Depend on This Affordable Primer!

I ordered The Balm Time Balm primer online for just $25.99. While it’s not exactly at a drugstore-priced product, it’s definitely pretty affordable in comparison to some of my other favorite primers, like Smash Box or Benefit’s Porefessional. The Balm is also a full fluid ounce of product. You will need only a small dab of this primer to cover your whole face, (beware of over use, it is a common mistake people make, and often times ends up making your makeup cake up even worse, or become even more oily) so you’ll find that this product lasts for quite a long time, making it worth the price in my opinion. I’ve been using it regularly for over a month and there is still a lot left in the tube! This primer contains plenty of silicone. Although it doesn’t sound like that’s a good thing, big-time beauty junkies know that this is the secret ingredient in any superlative primer. Silicone fills in large pores and creates a smooth and even surface for makeup and/or concealer. That’s why beauty YouTuber’s such as Huda Beauty and others have tested out some super weird products to substitute for their primer, like lube. Lube is of course silicone based.

As well as silicone, Time Balm features a potent cocktail of skin-smoothing vitamins. It’s fortified with vitamins E, C and A, so you’ll find that it improves the health and radiance of your complexion while you wear it. Other healthy active ingredients in this formula include Ivy Leaf Stem Extract (which reduces inflammation, and I find is helpful for my rosacea) and Hydrogenated Castor Oil (which is cleansing and hydrating).

Also, the primer did a magnificent job of hiding everything that I don’t want to see, including uneven skin tone, visible pores and fine lines. You may wear the product alone for instant smoothing or wear it under foundation or concealer. It works well in both situations.

There isn’t anything that I want from a primer that this particular primer doesn’t give me. It really covers all of the bases. It’s like having my own “glam squad” in a tube! It evens out the skin, fills in pores and lines, it’s so soft my face ends up feeling like a baby’s ass, and I’d definitely say that it’s long lasting up to about 12 hours or so. Overall I definitely give it 5 stars.

If you haven’t ever heard of The Balm, don’t worry! The Balm is a newish brand which may only be known by beauty gurus. It was launched by Marissa Shipman is 2004. She started out mixing up beauty potions and cosmetics in her home kitchen and the rest is history. Her successful company just keeps growing. I just recently began seeing some products from The Balm in some retail stores. Though not the most popular brand around, that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the quality of their products.

The best way to see if this primer delivers for you is try it yourself. I love it and I think you’ll feel the same way. It gives me baby-soft skin and keeps my makeup looking fresh all day, and is a more affordable option in comparison to some other high end, reliable primers.

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