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Lips for Days

Hi there loves! In my personal and, I like to think right opinion, after your brows, the most important part of your face is your lips! After you beat that face, your lippie really is the finishing touch that pulls all of your gorgeous work together. This is why it is my mission, to bring you ladies up to speed on how to properly treat your lips (because they are often overlooked) and share my opinions on some great color products!


My Top 5

So here we go ladies, the following are my top five holy grail, can’t live without lip products. Let’s start off with maintenance of the lips, yes I said maintenance because often times we ignore our lips and forget that they are just as important as the rest of our skin. However trust me lip maintenance is really easy and after all we all want soft smooth lips and that favorite lippie product to look spectacular on us!

1)     I use the Lush (Lush Handmade Cosmetics) lip scrub in bubble gum to keep those lips pouty and free of dead skin build up. You can use the scrub every day, but I suggest using your discretion, if you notice it is too much for your lips then I suggest cutting back to every other day, or only a couple times a week. I particularly like to use this product before I know I am going to use a matte lip product, which tends to dry out the lips. I use the Lush scrub so that the lippie will go on smoother and look flawless. When I do not use it, the dry skin oh my lips begins to flake off.

2)     My second favorite lip product is simply: Vaseline, yup a three dollar bottle of Vaseline is the most important of my holy grail products. They sell them now in a variety of different flavors too which I think is a huge plus. Although I wouldn’t attempt eating it… My personal favorite is cherry and I put it on at night, after I do my lip scrub. It is the best lip moisturizer and beats any chap stick on the market, I wake up with the softest lips every morning.

3)     The next 3 products will be lip colors. Number 3 on my list is the ultra-matte liquid lipsticks from Colourpop Cosmetics. These lippies come in a vast mix of different colors and are very affordable as well. They are extremely pigmented and long lasting. When I say long lasting ladies I REALLY mean it! You can put them on in the morning and by the end of the night you’ll still be looking in the mirror, like damn my lips look good. My favorite colors from the liquid lipstick line are Trap, Midi, Vice, Koala, and limbo.

4)     Number 4 on the list goes to NYX cosmetics round top lipsticks! First off you can’t beat the price! NYX is an incredible brand for the quality of their products in comparison to their price. They have a huge selections of colors and they are very creamy and go on very smoothly when you apply them without drying out your lips. If you aren’t able to or just don’t want to spend your big bucks on lip color, these are a great option for your lipstick needs. Thalia, Honey and Cocoa are by far some of my favorite colors from the round top collection.

5)     Lastly my fifth favorite lip product goes again to none other than NYX Cosmetics. NYX soft matte lip creams are life. These lip creams give off great color and dry matte. As a plus the colors are very buildable, which makes it fun to mix and match to create your own special color! They as well are very inexpensive which makes them a great buy.

So ladies, make it a point to never over look your lips again! Proper maintenance is the key to getting the most out of all your lip color products!

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