cover-fx-custom-color-drop-reviewWhat are Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, are they good you ask? Here’s my review.

Any girl who regularly wears makeup feels the frustration of finding coverage in the perfect shade. Using the incorrect shade of makeup is one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can make, and usually the most popular mistake at that. There’s nothing that looks more unnatural than makeup a few shades too light or too dark and not being able to achieve the perfect blend when applying, and it’s enough to drive any girl crazy. Add to that the frustration of buying multiple shades of makeup due to tanning in the summer, and being paler in the winter and the major increase in your Sephora bill that comes along with it, and your mind and bank account is probably ready to explode. Luckily for all of us girls, there’s finally a makeup solution that will let you quickly and easily match and create the exact color that you need. No more do we need to spend long periods of time frantically stirring together foundations or lotion together and hoping for the best. Color FX Custom Cover Drops are here to make your makeup routine as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Color FX Custom Cover Drops come in a small tube with a little eyedropper. It’s an intense color with concentrated pigments in varying shades. You can control how much of these pigments you use and thereby control how light or dark you want your makeup to be. But the Color FX Custom Cover Drops don’t just have to be added to existing makeup to make it darker. It’s just as easy and less expensive to add them to anything liquid that you put on your face – moisturizer, serums, lotions, or primers. You can quickly turn most anything into part of your makeup routine. Make your custom blend as light and sheer as you want, perfect for a summer day out with the girls. Or feel free to add a few more drops and go darker for better, fuller coverage. The flexibility of this product is what makes it an amazing buy.

Add one drop for- sheer coverage

Add two drops for- medium coverage

Add three drops for- full coverage

Add four drops for- extra full coverage

color-fx-custom-drop-shadesThe pros of Cover FX Custom Cover Drops mainly focus around the results. It’s a smooth and creamy product that’s free of sulfates and parabens. You’ll love how quickly you can blend up a custom shade, no matter what time of year it is or how much coverage you want. Another benefit is that since a little goes a long way you can really decrease your makeup budget. Although it is a bit pricey upfront, you’ll be pleased with how long it will last, thereby decreasing the amount you have to spend on beauty products each month. Cover FX Custom Cover drops are also ideal for all skin types. Cover FX has also done a pretty decent job coming up with their shade ranges. Overall the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops come in 24 different shades, with a decent mixture shades fit for light, to medium, to dark skin tones.

cover-fx-custom-color-dropsBut as for the cons of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, unfortunately there seem to be a quite a few. Most of them are focused on the packaging of the product, not the actual product itself. The eye dropper can get clogged easily if the product thickens due to evaporation. When you insert the eyedropper into the tube some of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops will inevitably get pushed up towards the hole in the tube, thus allowing it to spill out a little bit until you use up a decent amount of the product. This leads to easily wasted product and tends to make the outside of the tube really messy. A simple squeeze tube applicator in place of a mascara-inspired one seems like it would take care of this problem, but unfortunately I am not the head of packaging over there, so I guess we will just have to deal with it. Since the product is water and alcohol based there have been issues with evaporation over time. There’s not much to do for this besides possibly buying a smaller bottle more often and seeing if that produces less waste.

Other online the users of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are loud and proud of their love for this product. Many of the girls who use it love it for its ease and adaptability to their skin tone, as well as it’s flexible use in a myriad of different kinds of products. It won’t matter if you’re having a bad skin day or a good one, you can use the appropriate amount of this product to get the desired effect very easily. Just watch out for how messy it can make the rest of your makeup bag!

This is an innovative product that seems to be another victim of poor packaging. Even with that design flaw I still buy it and recommend it. Money can get tight and the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops will go a long way for quite a while. As part of your normal beauty routine you’ll quickly be able to customize your makeup exactly the way you want it without buying tons of specialized products. That alone is worth giving these amazing color drops a shot! Purchasing Cover FX Custom Cover Drops will eliminate the need to purchase multiple shades of foundation for use through out the year, BB creams, or CC creams, tinted moisturizers, tinted primers, and so on. It’s like having 20 different products all in one tiny little bottle!

I also highly recommend Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer drops. They are awesome for enhanced highlighting and bronzing. I think Cover FX is a great brand and an extremely innovative one at that, there are no other products on the market like these. They are pricey, and if you know anything about me I am the first person to run away from anything more than $20, but I can definitely attest to the fact that these products are worth their somewhat high price tag.

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