#SaltBae is Trending on Twitter


Has everyone seen #SaltBae? Twitter is apparently living for this sexy man… and his meat. Salt Bae is a Turkish man who apparently has made it big on the internet with over 1 million followers on Instagram… for his meat skills? Find Salt Bae on Instagram @nusr_et. As a vegetarian, I’m pretty grossed out, but […]

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Korean Paper Masks! Yes To & Celavi


I LOVE Yes To and Celavi Korean paper masks!!! Paper face masks are my new favorite skin care product of the moment! I received a few of the Yes To masks in a gift bag, and it only took one try before I was hooked. Face masks are always a nice way to not only […]

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Sophia Miacova Vegan Fitness Model


Sophia Miacova is so undeniably gorgeous, and she is definitely body goals, but there’s a lot more than you may realize behind her gorgeous face and hot bod. Sophia Miacova is a well known Instagram model, fitnes guru, and vegan lifestyle representative. Sophia has over 2 million Instagram followers, over 60,000 YouTube subscribers and so […]

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Kim Kardashian Has a Lip Ring?


Kim has miraculously returned to social media, and she did it with a lip ring. Kim Kardashian took a major social media hiatous after she was robbed in Paris in October. After going ghost on all social media outlets she has recently resurfaced with some beautiful family photos. After uploading intimate family moments with her […]

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How To Wear Sweats With Heels


Two things that you would never even think of pairing together: sweats, and heels. You think sweat pants, you most likely think sneakers, flip flops, maybe UGGs. You think heels, you probably think dresses, skirts, maybe jeans. Most people aren’t pulling their comfy sweats out and thinking, let me pair these with a pair of […]

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Concealer Before or After Foundation


The ultimate question: Do you apply concealer before or after your foundation?!!?!? Some of you may think this is a pretty obvious question. However, if you are a beginner in the world of makeup, it is easily a valid question. A LOT of people use their concealer underneath their foundation, hell in high school I […]

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Benefit Erase Paste Review


Benefit Erase Paste Review: Are your dark circles soooooooo bad that you cannot find any product that will help cover them up? Hunnnnnnnnty. I have the answer to your prayers! It’s Benefit Erase Paste! You NEED Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer. Benefit was not playing any games with they came out with the formula for this […]

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Lyrica Anderson of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood


When Lyrica Anderson joined the third season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I was beyond skeptical… Before the season even started, the previews of Lyrica and A1’s story line were terrfifying. The whole thing looked like a ratchet ass mess, and I was not impressed. This is where that whole saying ‘don’t judge a […]

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