Kylie Jenner Lip Kit breaks the internet…again

Following in her big sisters footsteps Kylie Jenner broke the internet with the release of her Kylie Lip kit… twice. Kylie teased us for months with the upcoming launch of her lip kit, and everyone awaited the first release of the Kylie Lip Kit patiently, and went wild when they were finally up for sale on […]

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Oily Af skin care routine!

By: @missgigiglam Hey Ladies! If you’re like me and have oily skin you know it’s a very annoying problem especially when you wear makeup. I have tried so many different primers to control my oily skin but nothing really helped. So I decided to go to the root of the problem and change up my […]

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Mirina Collections: Review

*Updated as of 2/16* Mirina Collections once again has proved themselves to be the true con artists that they are. After updating my review and sharing my thoughts and feelings on the “new” Mirina Collections, I was then snubbed by them. I guess all of their original claims were too good to be true, they […]

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Special Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Some people hate Valentine’s Day, trust me I’ve been there before. Being single, and having to look at all these stupid happy couples, worrying about what the hell they’re going to get each other for this lame ass made up holiday, having to buy your own chocolate, and go see that new Valentine’s Day romantic […]

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Q&A with Andrea Rosas

Andrea Rosas

What eye lashes do you wear? A lot of people ask me where my lashes are from! I swear I just get them at some fashion store, they are so bomb! They are called Stardel lashes #43. What do you use to fill in your brows? I use a Mac shadow, Brun. What is your […]

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Q&A w Stelanunez!

You asked and she answered! The meme queen herself, has answered all the questions you guys asked, begin reading below to find out all your answers! What are your favorite lashes? My favorite pair of lashes are DODOLASHES in the style D115. I’m affiliated with them so if you want    to purchase my lashes, you […]

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