Trey Songz Alleged Baby Mom- Genesis Cortes


Looks like Trey Songz might have found himself a new baby momma, enter: Genesis Cortes. Trey Songz allegedly has impregnanted a woman by the name Genesis Cortes. Gensis Cortes is claiming that she is pregnant with Trey Songz child, after hooking up with him after she met him at her job. Gensis is supposedly a […]

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Hallelujah! How To Turn Off Instagram Live Notifications!


The answer to the question you’re all asking: HOW DO YOU TURN OFF THESE FREAKING INSTAGRAM LIVE NOTIFICATIONS?! Instagram is definitely cancelled. The new update has brought us the second most annoying upgrade to Instagram ever: Instagram Live. Instagram Live, is literally Facebook Live except, obviously it’s on Instagram. Although it’s a bit redundant, it’s […]

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Fill in Your Hair Line Perfectly With Eye shadow


Who even knew it was a thing to fill in your hair line?! Finding out that people fill in their hairline literally makes my world make so much more sense. Amrezy dropped a knowledge bomb on Snap Chat last night as she recorded for us how she fills in her hairline with eyeshadow. Now, looking […]

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Blac Chyna Instagram Hacked


*Update* After Blac Chyna’s Instagram was hacked, according to baby daddy Rob, she has taken the children, and their belongings and moved out of their home! On his Snap Chat he walks through the house talking about all of their Christmas decorations, and explaining to everyone what the now empty rooms used to be. Rob […]

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Daizy Marquez Lip Injections


YouTube makeup guru, Daisy Marquez got lip injections! Kylie Jenner didn’t invent lip injections, but she certainly made them more main stream amongst teenage girls. Lip injections are so on trend, and there are way more girls walking around out there with them than you would think. Of course Daisy already had perfect lips, but […]

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Khadi & Joanne- 2016’s Thelma & Louise


This new Joanne the Scammer and Khadi Don mini movie is HILARIOUS. Brendan Miller, AKA Joanne the Scammer, hit it big with his caucasion persona this year. Super Deluxe’s new mini movie “Khadi & Joanne”, is the most iconic way to end 2016 ever. Joanne the Scammer and Khadi Don teamed up to make this […]

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