Sinclair Saratoga welcomed “Buddha Noodle”, a pop up kitchen curated by local chef Brady Duhame with open arms earlier this year.

The beer garden and social space has done well since the arrival of Buddha Noodle, however as most good things often do, it has come to an end. The community said goodbye to Buddha Noodle on June 30th and chef Brady Duhame has since left the kitchen at Sinclair Saratoga in search of his next Buddha Noodle location.

Buddha Noodle was known for serving up modern Asian street food, including staples such as ramen, bao, dumplings, and noodles. Patron favorites were Tonkotsu (a traditionally flavored ramen), ox tail egg rolls, dan dan noodles, and the delicious Buddha donuts with a lime custard.

Towards the end of Buddha Noodle’s time at Sinclair Saratoga kitchen hours began to shift, and there were several nights Buddha Noodle closed due to staffing issues. According to Buddha Noodle social media pages, chef Duhame began suffering from a herniated disc, and pinched sciatica that prevented him from being in the kitchen as much as he wished. Though the end of Buddha Noodle’s pop up may have been a blessing for chef from a health stand point, fans of the asian cuisine are already asking where Duhame will be taking Buddha Noodle to next! When asked, patrons were told that Buddha Noodle did not have a new space as of yet, however spaces in Albany, NY as well other spots in Saratoga were in the running.

Keep hitting refresh on Buddha Noodle’s Instagram page (@Buddha.Noodle) to find out where you can get your favorite dish next! Also be on the look out for a new menu at @TheSinclairSaratoga in the near future!


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