Johnny Bananas and Angela Babicz of MTV’s The Challenge popped up in Saratoga Springs yesterday!

The long awaited, annual 6 weeks of track season in Saratoga are notorious for attracting socialites, big spenders, celebrities, and apparently reality T.V. stars. Thus far this season Saratoga has seen the likes of Bobby Flay, Jason Garret, and more.

Johnny Devenanzio Bananas was cast originally on the 17th installment of the longest running reality show in America “The Real World”. He then later appeared on MTV’s “The Challenge”, and is now the host of NBC’s “1st Look”. Last nights partner in crime, Angela Babicz is a fellow MTV star who has been seen on The Challenge, as well as EX on the Beach, and is a former Bad Girls Club member.

Johnny Bananas was scheduled to host at Gaffney’s on Caroline St. in Saratoga last night, and if that wasn’t enough to get the masses lit, his surpise guest just about sent everyone over the edge. Both Johnny and Angela rose”d” all day at the race track, before they pre-gamed with Gaffney’s resident DJ “Tony Platinum”, then headed to the main event. Gaffney’s patio was PACKED. Like, if you were ordering a drink you best have ordered 3 because you weren’t making it back to the bar anytime soon type of packed.

Both welcomed fans, took pictures and partied their asses off.

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