Instagram has released a new update called IGTV which many see as a threat to the OG YouTube!

Instagram’s latest update “IGTV” is coming for YouTube! Rewind to the year 2012, when Instagram was acquired by Facebook and the app had proven itself to be a platform that was here to stay. Since Facebook’s wise acquisition of Instagram the popular social media platform has rapidly out grown similar apps such as Snap Chat. With over a reported 1 billion active Instagram users, Instagram has strategically launched their latest extension of the app.

IGTV will function within the Instagram app itself as well as a separate functioning app. IGTV competes with YouTube as it has been presented as a platform that will allow users to upload videos up to an hour long. As most of you are well aware, Instagram currently allows users to upload videos to their profiles but with an extremely short time limit of 60 seconds. Users with upwards of 10,000 followers will be able to upload videos 60 minutes long, any profiles with less will be able to upload videos with a maximum of 10 minutes. The invention of IGTV will allow creators another outlet to upload videos for entertainment rather than short updates such as IG stories. IGTV’s main variance from YouTube will be that videos will be shot vertically just as you would hold your cell phone, rather than horizontally. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian were of the first to begin uploading lengthy videos to the app when it launched on Wednesday.

The main question about this new app is: how will Instagram choose to monetize it? Instagram users/creators often make money partnering with brands themselves in order to make money off of their Instagram posts. As of yet, Instagram does not have a way to pay creators directly. YouTube of course monetized their platform with Google Adsense, paying creators for impressions, and clicks on ads displayed before, throughout and or after their YouTube videos. Instagram claims they do plan to monetize the app eventually in order to compensate their creators however we are to assume that is to come down the line. As of now the app has only been live for about 24 hours.

Will IGTV effect the lifespan of YouTube? YouTube is the OG of social media platforms, and is by far the largest. It will take some time for Instagram to catch up, if it ever does, but there is a chance. Instagram seems to strategically update their platform putting them at an advantage to out do others. The implementation of IG stories worked in their favor after a Snap Chat update essentially blacklisted Snap Chat itself. The use of Snap Chat has plummeted since their last update gone wrong, and the of IG stories has blatantly sky rocketed. Between controversy surrounding YouTube, related to Logan Paul’s wildly outlandish stunt with a dead body earlier this year, and new updates preventing small YouTuber’s from the ability to participate in Google Adsense earnings. Instagram may be able to cater to those who are frustrated with YouTube, and allow those with smaller social media followings to earn an income from them in time.

The home page allows you to see suggestions created for you, videos from who you’re following, the “popular” page, as well as videos to continue watching.

IGTV launched for both Apple and Android users and you can login easily with your existing Instagram account. View others videos, follow new channels, as well as create your own right within the app. Will you be using IGTV?


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