If you thought the first two episodes were bombshell droppers, wait until you watch this one!

Watch Love and Hip Hop ATL Season 6 episode 3 here.

Watch as Mimi lays down the law with Stevie, in regards to the Puerto Rican Princess, meanwhile the man himself Waka Flocka decides to win back his woman! Tammy struggles with Waka’s reappearance and bonds with Rasheeda over the pain they are both working through. Not to mention she’s apparently buddy buddy these days with miss Tommie Lee, and decideds to bring her out for a night on the town. Tommie’s anger management must be working because she kept her cool as she made amends with Jessica Dime, Mimi, and Karli, well er, sorta. They bear hugged, does that count? Kirk finally admits to the cheating allegations he is facing to Raheeda, but continues to deny that Jasmine’s child is his. The biggest bombshell thus far comes when we get a look inside Jasmine’s bedroom…









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